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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A tiny hankering...

I know this is bad...very, very bad. I have a hankering for a new pair of shoes. I know, I know...alleast it is not a purse.

Over the past year or so...I have rediscovered my love of the ballet flat. They are so cute and fun. I am currently in love with a pair...I may even commit to purchasing. The biggest question is - gold or silver. I'm partial to the gold for some reason. So pretty!! I think they are destined to be mine...

Monday, December 28, 2009

How the Story Ends...

So the one plus to getting sick just after the holidays was that I was exhausted and collapsed for the past few days. I rested and napped and finally finished watching Felicity. For those of you who don't know, I LOVED this show. And not just because girls with adjectives as first names are very complex and was all about Ben and Noel. Who was she going to choose? I loved the idea that she had a feeling and went with it. I loved how she was so nutty. I loved how she grew. For a time, I actually arranged my school schedule around when it was on.

The last season...I was in graduate school...and had to miss most of it. For the past few years...I had been working through all four years worth of the DVDs...but got really busy and never finished. Well...on a whim...I decided I would take advantage of my cold and finish watching Season 4. I did. Wow. Watching the relationships grow. Watching it being several years older now with more life experience under my belt. It was emotionally draining...which is just how I like things.

It had me thinking about Twilight...I am not obsessed with it...haven't read the books...have only seen New Moon. But as I watching Felicity and her Ben vs. Noel reminded me of something. That having to many good stories are based on that premise. It is frustrating for the reader...but it is what makes you dive in. I was thinking about my own past characters and how I used to have such a hard time with giving them flaws. It is the flaws that draw the reader in...sometimes getting frustrated (within reason) with the main character is a good thing.

My original idea for my NanoWrimo 09 Novel was based a bit on the struggle my main character has between deciding upon two very different male characters. I'm going to be sure to embellish that a bit in my re-write. After all, at some point, the main character has to make some bad choices...why else would one keep reading?

I can't end without a list of a few of my favorite Felicity Quotes - -

1) Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.

2) Do you know what I definitely believe in? Fate -- that things happen for a reason.

3) It was like being one snowflake in a crazy blizzard. But then it occurred to me -- everyone's one snowflake.

4) The truth is I can't be with you like this. I mean, I know I said that I could, but I can't. I just can't compromise myself like that. I mean I'm an emotional person. I feel things and I need to be able to get upset and talk about how I'm feeling. I mean that's just...that's who I am and I can't change it. I don't want to. And the thing is you knew that, you knew it and you still pursued me because you want something with me, you just aren't strong enough to have it a way makes you a coward. And the saddest part is day you're gonna wake up and you're gonna realize what you missed and it's gonna be too late.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Unexpected Treasure...

On a whim earlier this week I remembered that I had some Marriott Reward points and for grins I looked at the online case there was anything that was of interest. I found something that I wasn't necessarily looking for, an iPod Touch. As luck would have it, it arrived yesterday on Christmas Eve. A fun gift for myself that didn't really cost a thing (well except for the hotel stays...but I digress). It has turned out to be even more of a fun new toy than I could have imagined... and not just because I need a cute cover for it. Do you like the Kate Spade? Cute Right?

Here is a listing of some of the exciting things I did or discovered today with my new iPod Touch - -

1) Having all of my music on one ipod is fantastic...all of my music worlds have collided in one place...and it is glorious.

2) Setting up playlists for particular characters I am writing may be needed now as my "writing" playlist is insanely long and extremely eclectic.

3) Downloading the new version of iTunes (finally)...I have discovered iTunes University. Found lots of interesting courses on fiction writing and creative writing.

4) Realizing that there are apps for everything...even found one to track blood sugars, insulin, and this made my inner diavista very happy. Obviously I was totally meant to have this iPod.

5) Getting twitter, facebook, and blogger all set up...can't believe that I will be able to be "mobile" at the gym too. Can't wait to test it out tomorrow. Note, I will NOT access email on said device. Only writing related activities...or facebook...but status updates are creative writing...right??

6) Thinking about how cool it is going to be to have all my music in hand when working out. I feel kinda limitless...

7) Feeling like this one device is going to really help with all the things I want to get to back to...getting to the gym, writing, paying attention to my diabetes and hence on being a diavista. ;P Well...maybe I always am one...I am just seeking to be better balanced one.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The best made plans...

Are really made for the breaking...and you know what? Everything always turns out as it should. Such was the case today...busy packing...hustle and bustle...and then we made a game day decision. To stay home!!! Mail holds and Newspaper holds suspended. Initially we were going to be away all of Christmas and then for New Years. Then just for Christmas. Now...not at all. As much as I wanted to clock some time by the water in Annapolis...I know staying home was the right decision. For Grandma...most of all...and really...that is all that matters.

So, here is a list of all the things that I can look forward that I will be home over the holidays:


2) Getting all of the books I found on Amazon for my novel research as soon as they arrive in the mail

3) Having Christmas Eve dinner at the Cabin in the Woods (Grandma’s favorite restaurant)

4) Using all of my cute Vera Bradley Gift Tags…see #1 above.

5) Working out at the gym everyday during my vacation…well except today…see #1 above.

6) Sleeping in my own comfy bed

7) Going to see Sherlock Holmes with my Mommy

8) Reading my NanoWrimo 09 Novel and then sitting at local Starbucks with my sister so we can compare notes (or maybe Panera???)

9) Drinking yummy beverages crafted my sister…aka Mixologist Leo…okay mostly Margaritas…

10) Continuing to ignore my blackberry…for the most part…

What am I not looking forward to?? Unpacking all of my bags…

Monday, December 21, 2009

Vera Switch Out Time...

It is officially the holiday season because I have switched to my holiday vera bradley. Cute Right? This is one of my most very favorite much so...that I only use it during the holidays. It makes me so happy!! I am a handbag girl...which means...I'm all about holding the purse versus throwing it over my shoulder. That is just the kind of girl I am.

A few updates to expound upon my first few days of list form of course!!

1. Had a fabulous time at holiday party on Friday night...we let the snow come in...lots of fun...lots of pictures...and well wishes for the coming year. I got a new profile picture out of that was a extra parting gift. ;)

2. Had the BEST Margarita ever on Friday once I got home (thanks sister)...tipsy...oh yes...and it was fantastic!! I remembered to take I wasn't that bad off. ;) Come on, this is still me we are talking about.

3. Kept on top of the snow situation...only had to shovel out three times. Snaps to my sister for getting us out from the driveway to center of cul de sac. That chica is amazing...

4. Edited more of my NanoWrimo 09 novel...on page I am making progress.

5. Got a snazzy new haircut which is really a "classic" Joy style...and I have a really cute short ponytail. Perfect gym hair!!! ;)

6. Ahem...yes...with said perfect gym hair I had a great workout today...time on the bike...and an hour on the elliptical machine. Ipod blaring. I was in freaking heaven. I'm thinking that my "gym time" will be after work...great stress reliever before getting home. I have the next two weeks to get my ass in gear so that when I get back to work...I'll be so addicted that I will leave work at a reasonable hour to allow time at the gym. I know I can do this.

7. Joined a gym...this was my Christmas Present to myself. It will last the whole year long. I am so excited. Plus..there is a cafe...with I could write after my workout. I know right?? Talk about combining the two things I really need to focus more writing and my diavista life.

In case you are have just read about OGYST...which translated means...Operation Getting Your Shit Together. A few months later than I wanted...but happening none the less. 2010 is going to be a good year. You heard it hear folks!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa...(Take Two)

I think I may have changed my mind. Instead of Uggs (see first letter here)I think I want to put said cost of Uggs toward the first two months of a gym membership. I am so close to committing it is ridiculous. I'm hoping to scope it out while on vacation next week. ;) So maybe...if I am really good for the next few days...Santa will leave me some $$$ instead of boots. It is for my well being. I need to work my Diavista again. I need focus on me. I need to get balance.

PS - I realize that a gym is not going to do any of this for me. I still have to do the work. I still have to chose to spend time on me and not on work.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Owl Above...

I am sitting at the desk from which he ran his business...many of his knick knacks still surround. I know he is always around in the trees and on the breeze. I know that he is happy. I can't believe that at 11:55pm tonight it will be two years since my Grandpa was finally free with no strings. I know in the physical sense he is gone...but I know he is guiding me. Patience. Persistance. Perseverance. All the words you could ever need in life...

I went to work today like it was any other day...but my mind and heart were elsewhere. Our tribute last year must have been perfect, because we didn't feel like we needed to do something this year. Well, other than leave a light on for him. A tradition that we always did (and still do) for his father. I miss his hugs more than anything...and wish I had lingered just a bit longer on that last day. I will always remember his last words to me, "Drive Safe." And then in a few hours...he was gone.

Link to Last Year's Blog - Letting Go of the Strings

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Julia to My Dot...

My best friend is my sister and I am so lucky to have her. We love to take a dynamic duo and declare who is who. After watching Julie and Julia recently...I could totally see what she was talking about. After she saw the movie when it was in the theater she talked about how fantastic Julia Child and her sister were. When they met at the train station. There were so many other moments in the movie. We are so crazy like that and I am glad. I have had a best friend for almost 30 years and she just happens to my sister. I am a very lucky person...

Here is a list of things that I most admire about my best friend -

1) Her strength
2) Her patience
3) Her tolerance
4) Her calm
5) Her multifaceted ways - in so many things and interests
6) Her leoness (RAWR)
7) Her depth
8) Her persistence
9) Her fortitude
10) Her love (and did I mention tolerance??)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Christmas Anthem...

It is not truly Christmas until I hear this song...and ever since HFS went away...the thrill of catching it on the radio is no longer possible. I love this song. It is the perfect fairy tale...with sax team to boot. Have you ever heard it? Do you love it too?


Get Your Joy On...

Boy did I predict it right this pile of "Joy" things this year continues to grow. A little votive and a serving platter. Yes..that is right. A serving platter for the girl named Joy who doesn't cook...who just orders and reheats when entertaining. It seriously is the cutest thing ever. Don't you agree??

I love my name...I really do. Especially since I can get so many things that integrate it. I feel I should give myself some credit for exercising some restraint. There was a cute placemat I saw at Target that was garnet and sparkly that spelled out Joy. I have to thank my sister for this was at my favorite store...Artisan's...and I had not even seen it the day before. I had to have it. I will enjoy it my whole life long!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Two Weeks...

There is a place in my memory for two weeks in December in the year of 2007 where amidst chaos there was calm. There was purpose. There was love. It was a tough year sprinkled with the feeling that an end was coming near. Two years Mom and I were care giving at levels we suspected but never really knew we were capable of. November 30 through December 14 mark a time reminding me to hold to the idea that you can trust the process. All works out as it is meant to. To be able to be there. To care with a perfect purpose and yet it all went by so quickly. So many moments of beauty. Trusting the process. Being fully present. This time of year brings it all back...and I still miss it. I still miss him.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A new bag for my netbook...

In honor of my finishing my NanoWrimo 09 Novel and my giddy love of snow, I made a trip to Artisan's with visions of Vera swirling in my head. I didn't know what it was that I was going to buy, but I knew that Raspberry Fizz is retiring and I actually don't have anything in that pattern. It has pinks and oranges and it was 25% off. I roamed around the Vera Section looking over the bags thinking that I really wanted to get something. The cute pleated headband in Carnaby wasn't enough.

Then it hit me, I have my new cute netbook and no bag for it. I decided on a Pleated Tote in Raspberry Fizz with a matching Amy (for pencils, sticky notes, USBs, and things). The tote is really cute and I am not sure how I have not noticed it before. Although I admit, it takes me a while to commit to new patterns and bag the regular patterns. I have mostly been addicted to her limited edition bags and the Stationary/Pens/Cards. I really think I should get some credit for all the things I have not purchased - like the ornaments, stockings, candles, wrapping paper, and gift bags.

My netbook really did need a bag and I can fit a spiral notebook in there too. It was totally a practical purchase. I was out and about in the snow...and thought some Vera would make the day THAT much better. Giddy Overload for sure...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My December...

Okay...have you ever heard that song by Linkin Park? It is one of my very most favorites!! I love this time of year, but I have to admit, I miss NanoWrimo so much. Having that goal is so motivating!! I'm in wait mode at the moment with my draft novel...I am trying to just let it sit for a bit before I go back and remind myself what it is about. I figure, I'll let my sister take a first read, and then I can dive back in.

In the meantime, I'm goofing off on Facebook. ;) And You Tube...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Years in Row!!! (Word Count = 55,816)

And there you have it...I have done it again. I have won my fifth National Novel Writing Month!!! My first draft is done and I am going to print it out tonight because it has been two years since I have printed one of my novels out. I can't wait to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. The only strange thing is that I don't have a title for this novel yet. This is the first time ever...since when I started writing that I did not have a title to keep me focused. I'm not putting any meaning into it. I am just excited that I am done.

As always, I know that I don't really do it alone either. I appreciate how my family cheers me along...especially my sister. She is going to be my first reader!!! Hence my need to print it out ASAP!! To my coworkers who nicely check in on my word count and encouraged me to leave on time or a few minutes early so that I can write. To my fellow NanoWrimos who made Panera my favorite place to write this year and make it so much fun. To my writing friends who encourage me and motivate me to keep at it. To all my friends (especially those who really know that if I could...I would totally be a novelist when I grow up) for not laughing when I say that I am writer. ;)

New Name...Winston!!!

In perfect writing style (after over 50K words) I realized that the name of my main boy character just didn't quite work. In chatting with my sister about it...she suggested changing it to Winston. Which...sounded really good. Winston Nixx. Who may or may not be a punk rocker. ;) I know right??? I keep saying that I was inspired for this book while my sister and I were at the Ulalume Festival which MTV I can go back and watch the moment when my novel was born. It may or may not have been during a performance of Dead By Sunrise.

The crowning moment of when my girl hero character (Ruby) meets her guy (Winston) was sort of based loosely on one of those pivotal life moments that happened to me at that show. And the rest as they say, is creative writing history. At the time, getting a phone call from work during a rock show was maddening. But in reality, it helped to create and fuel my NanoWrimo 09 novel. So I am thankful I guess, it is a process, and everything does happen for a reason.

My two loves combined this month....writing and music. As I get ready to write the last chapter, I will be looping one song: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happinesss. Funny thing is I am pretty sure that was the song he was performing when I got the call from work. I didn't figure it out until yesterday...and I many is kind of what my novel is about.

One More Chapter to Go... Word Count = 53,136

I sat down to write a bit tonight and ended up finishing Chapter 19...2K words came out of me and now I am ready for some sleep. I am really looking forward to getting this first draft done so that I can see what happens after. Every year I always say that I want to go back and edit and then have people read it. I'm not thinking that I this year will be any different than previous years...but it feels good regardless really.

Another November is coming to a close and I will have earned my purple winner bar for the fifth year in a row. I'm sending happy writing forces to my NanoWrimo Buddies who are pulling an all nighter tonight. I am so proud of them!!! It has been a great year for my writing friends...and it inspires me.

PS - Once Nano is over...I will get back on Diavista track too. I have been on hiatus...but that will change. December is all about balance for me...I am declaring it shall be!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am so Thankful.... Word Count = 50,269

I love November...because I love to write...and for me...November is all about writing. Each year when National Novel Writing Month starts I have a goal. The first few years were really focused on just being able to finish. Last year was getting well beyond 50K...which I did. I got to 80K. This year is to finish my novel by the end of the month and I really think I can do it. I am on Chapter 18 (I just started it actually) and things are starting to wrap up nicely. I hit 50K now...I have four more days to finish my novel. I think I can, I think I can, I think can....

I am thankful for the fact that my family totally gets how much this month means to the left overs from our earlier meal at my Grandma's favorite restaurant were warmed and improved upon...I was off in another room writing away participating in a NanoWrimo Twitter Sprint. At one point I was at the kitchen table blazing through scenes and everyone was hanging out around me. This is what they do in November...follow me on my journey...and cheer away. Some Novembers have been easier than the others. This one was not the hardest...but every year I am stretched to figure out how to balance the writing and working and life. Today both life and writing won...and I am starting to think that they should probably always win.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Novel Happy... Word Count = 44,045

Thanks to my Panera NanoWrimo Pals...I got 2K words. I was so excited to learn that on Twitter they have NanoWrimo Sprints and that really 20 and 25 minutes I got about 670 words each time. That really helped...and I will definitely have to do that more over the next few days. I was feeling a bit scattered in my writing was the first time where I felt unfocused. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some go again and pick up the pace a bit. I need to think about how to start wrapping this story up. I need my Big Black Moment (which I think I just discovered tonight) and then need to figure out all the stuff that gets resolved. I have the ending scene in my mind...but need to figure out in this last stretch how the heck to get there.

Okay...enough about that. I need to reveal something. I have a new celebrity crush I think. Dane Cook. I love him!! He is so freaking funny...I was listening to him on the way home. It was totally what I needed.

Has anyone heard his bit called "Haters"? Freaking awesome...hate cancer??? It will make you laugh...sometimes you should take the low road. Genius!! so good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

DMB Moves Me.... Word Count = 41,038

There are just some songs that get me writing...tonight it was Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse. It is one of my favorites because it has a mix of emotions mashed together. It switches a story. And then you add some sax action...and it is perfection. I could spin thousands of stories off of this one song. It is that good. Between this song and Stay or Leave...I could live on repeat forever.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Merrily We Roll Along..... Word Count = 40,172

Considering that I only wrote on Sunday, I did very well this weekend. I am trying not to think about how many words I would have now if I had written on Saturday too. I am hoping to get a lot of words in over the next week...the holiday will really help. I am tired and will probably head to sleep soon. I have a long day tomorrow and am hoping that I will still have some energy tomorrow night to write. November always flies by and I know that I will miss it when it is over. I have lots to do, so much so that I am feeling anxious, but I am trying to just push those thoughts aside.

Random Thought Insert - I am totally loving my net book by the way. It is so handy to just throw into my bag or walk around the house connected and able to write any time I feel the urge.

Another Less Random Thought Insert - I must admit that my obsession with the New Moon soundtrack has resulted in some unexpected turns in my novel. I love the wallowly hallow sounds of several of the songs. My current favorites are Rosyln, Possibility, and Hearing Damage. Have a feeling they will all be in my head tomorrow even though I am at work. After getting the soundtrack, I am so wanting to see the movie again. Isn't that silly?

Joy Things...

I can tell that this year is going to be a very fruitful "Joy Things" year. I am lucky in that during this time of year there is an overwhelming amount of things that I (or others) can purchase with my name on it. It is not even Thanksgiving yet and I have purchased quite a few items. Starbucks has cups with Joy on them too...but it would be silly for me to go there everyday and get a drink just so that I can I have a mass marketed cup with my name on it. I mean need to draw a line somewhere.

In other news, my novel seems to be moving right along. This one is different in that I am not writing everyday. But when I do I write, I seem to barf out a bit all at once. I am kind of excited about this one, because I am writing it in the way I love best. A blank page at a time that gets added to the master document. I am writing it Chapter by Chapter. I don't know if that means anything, but it just feels so good. I don't even have a title for it...and this is a first.

My goal is to finish the story by the end of November...the 50K words is easy peasy at this point really. I know I can do that. The goal this year is to finish my story. I have to becuase my sister has agreed to read it on December 1 and let me know what she thinks. That is a I need to go with it!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Panera Magic... Word Count = 35,202

I hit a great stride at Panera tonight and got about 4K words in 3 hours...that may be a personal best. I am excited about the journey my main character is taking. Lots of surprises tonight which makes it fun. This story feels so different and I am wondering what that means. I would love to finish this novel by the end of the month.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too Much To Do = No Increase in Word Count

I have been working long hours and then bringing work home too. This makes it impossible to increase my word count. Feeling ver guilty...but am hoping I can get to Panera after work so that I can NanoWrimo with others...for some reason the 30Ks always suck!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week Three...Get it going!!! Word Count = 31,205

I reached my goal for the weekend which was to get beyond 30K...31K is beyond 30 so I am okay with that. I have to start by saying how much I am in love with my new cell phone. I decided on a Palm Pre and it is the coolest thing ever. I can keep several applications open at once and toggle between them. It was well worth the wait of yesterday and for a bit of today. I am so excited!! I finally have a phone tht I am totally in love with. It is the first time really. I'm a sucker for a touch screen. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Tired.... Word Count = 27,147

I must break into the 30K's before the end of the weekend...I just need to push through to do it. I think I can, I think I can....screw that...I know I can, I know I can. I did not get very far today...but managed to get in 2K. It is a Saturday...I should have done way more that that. If I wasn't so tired I would write about my fantabulous new cell phone. Maybe sister thinks I should work in my ridiculously long wait in the Sprint store today into my novel. She says there could be atleast 5K words in that. Clever...perhaps I should give it a try. ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Reward...

Well...I hadn't planned on rewarding myself with something for reaching 25K...but after some research...I hit 25K on November 11 last year I guess it was not really a big deal. Oh well...let's see if I can ramp it up a bit and get to 50K sooner than I did last year (November 22). Not sure I can beat that...but I guess you never know till you try. back to my reward. I got an email from Crocs about some of their fun new winter items. When I saw how cute these were...I had to get them. I old winter crocs broke last year...I had never replaced really...I have a bona fide need for them. should my reward be if I get to 50K before November 22???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halfway Already... Word Count = 25,052

I am in noveldom heaven...I am at 25K words and it is not the halfway point in the month. I had a word dare to get 1500 before I head to sleep and I got there in my standard time. When I just write along...I do about 1K words an hour. Tonight...within an hour and a half I was there. I am about halfway through Chapter 9.

Hopefully on my way into work tomorrow I can think about some really big complications that will be coming soon. I have one in my brain right now and a few others I am still honing a bit. I also think I know how it will end. So that is very exciting. Each novel I attempt to write is so different. Each has its own personality and rhythm. At the end of the month I would like to actually be done with this draft.

I am hopeful that no matter how hard tomorrow is or long...I will be able to pop by Panera for a bit. Other NanoWrimos should be there and it will do me some good to clock some time on a weeknight. Even if I have an early day the next morning...I have to take time to write. In november and always...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeti Cuteness...

Obvioulsy I am stalling and not adding to my word count...because why would I ever do a blog on Bigfoot? Why would I be watching "The Mummy" only to be surprised at how cute the Yetis were in the movie. They are aren't they?

Somehow I don't think I can count this distraction as research for my novel. It is just a random thing that I didn't think I would ever blog about. Maybe I am just tired. Okay...punchy and tired.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I love November... Word Count = 21,128

After a stressful day, I escaped to Panera and was able to get about 1K words in. I really need to figure out how to just make time to do this on a regular basis. Sit and write. Perhaps if I came up with a daily fit in all the things I need to do. Something like this:

5:30 am Wake-up, Insulin, Get Ready for Work

6:30 am Arrive at Work, Get Coffee, Settle In

7:00 am Chaos of the Day

6:00pm Leave the Office

7:00pm Write at Panera

8:00pm Head Home

8:30pm TV Time and Rest

9:00pm Exercise/Shower/TV

11:00pm Sleep Time

How hard could this be?? I mean really??

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hit the Wall...

I hit the wall yesterday...438 lousy words. GAH!!! But today will feel better and therefore I will write more. You have to be in "that place" to churn out the words...and I just wasn't there. I think part of it was that I ended my writing on Friday with the scene that first appeared in my head for this novel. I think I was kind of sad that it was over. I know, that is crazy isn't it?

I have been purchasing some music off of iTunes and I know that will help. Music is the juice for me. Curious as to what will stir me today as I get lost in noveldom? Here is a short list -

* UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen

* Passion Pit - The Reeling

* Beck - Cellphone's Dead

* Train - Hey, Soul Sister

I have been kind of worried about all of the stuff I have to do for work, but I have decided to put it aside. I can do it at the office tomorrow and Tuesday. All weekend I have been having these work related nightmares during sleep and naps, which has jarred me a bit. Maybe I should build that feeling of dread into my novel or something. I think the thought of work is crushing my writing life...and I need to just push it away. I need to be writing. I have to be writing.

Out work thoughts...out I say!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Perfect Day Off!!! Word Count = 15,080

Another productive writing day and I am looking forward to celebrating with a really fun Friday night!! Today was an absolute perfect day. I slept in. Did a bit of office seems impossible to completely shut off from the office...and then spent the rest of the day writing.

It was great to see my writing friends Ellen and Lisa today...time to write...time to eat...time to catch up. I hate that I have been so busy that I haven't been able to write with them more. They are so inspiring!! And then I headed to Panera...which is fast becoming my home away from home. I love how productive I am here. I just hit 15K and the weekend hasn't even started yet. I am so freaking excited to see how much more I can get done over the next two days. It was great that I could meet up with MolliB...who doubles as both a Vera Girl and a NanoWrimo buddy. ;)

I'm getting ready to bid farewell to the coziest little corner table which has served me quite well this afternoon/evening. What a perfect day!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday 13 - NOT!!!! Word Count = 11,191

I had a another busy day at work and did not have time last night to write up my Thursday 13. I collapsed into bed at 8:45pm....and slept right through the night. Well except for the few minutes that I got up around 10:30pm to take some insulin. You my sister says...I don't want to perish overnight or anything. ;)

I was hoping to get in some words to take me to 10K...but sleep won. I have been at Panera for about two hours and have hit 11K. I told myself that I could not leave until I got that far I guess I am free now to leave. But I don't want to. Being here is like the perfect vacation for me. I have my cute new netbook, my ipod, and yummy foods around should I want to partake. Oh yes...and fellow nanowrimos. Althought, it is just MolliB and I now.

With my love of lists overflowing...I thought I would note some of the things I am really looking forward to this weekend -

* A day off tomorrow

* Time to write with Ellen and Lisa

* Time to write at Panera

* The boss being 13 hours away

* Hearing all about the fun my Mom and Sister are going to have the Metropolitan Cooking Show this weekend.

* Taking my Grandma out for drinks and a late lunch on Saturday

* Writing and Writing and Writing

* Seeing how many words I have by Sunday PM

* Catching up on some work writing...maybe....

* Downloading NanoWrimo inspiring music from iTunes

* Drinking a cocktail or two and seeing what kinds of wild and crazy things that causes me to do to my main character - Ruby St. Claire.

* Taking a walk in the crisp November air

* Writing about how Ruby meets Jason Nixx...this was the scene that first appeared in my mind

Well what do you know...I ended up with a Thursday 13 afterall!!! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Start Ever??? Word Count = 8,496

So it is only Day 2 of NanoWrimo and I am at 8,496 words. I really think this is my best start ever. I managed to get out about 2K tonight and if I can do the same tomorrow I will be at 10,000. I wonder if this pacing will get me to 100K by the end of the month. That would really be amazing if I can pull it off. For now, I need to sleep. Well...maybe I will see if I can get my web gadget to work on my blog. I love to track my progess!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bands Who Helped Me Today... [Word Count = 6,054]

I am live from Panera Bread where the NanoWrimos of the 270 Corridor gather to write...hitting hour number four and I am feeling quite accomplished. My goal was 10K today and I am sure I will not hit it, but it was fun to have something to shoot for. I am in love with my new is so lite and cute!! Perfect timing as I embark upon this new adventure. I was reminded how much I love the music on my old ipod nano that has seen me through 3 or 4 NanoWrimos...I can't really remember. Thought I would take a few minutes to jot down the bands/artists that really got me going today - -

* Coldplay (of course!!!)

* Interpol (forgot how much I love them...especially when writing about cute boys)

* Paco

* Heavy D and the Boyz


* Kelly Osbourne (One Word Remix is an anthem for me....)

* The Bravery

There were countless others...but these sparked the most memorable moments of writing today. You never know...I may get in another 1K or so tonight when I get home. But mostly...I need to rest up. Early day tomorrow and Board Meetings!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Toy for Joy...

A funny thing happened on my way to buy a CD at Best Buy, I ended up getting a new netbook. A tiny little laptop in a fabulous shade of red...just in time for NanoWrimo. It all started when I was reading a book that one of my work friends gave me about writing spaces.

I have a good writing space, so much so that I have been leaving my laptop there in hopes of just sitting down at my writing desk to write whenever I want. Problem is pain to unhook all the things when I want to take it on the road or to another location in the house. I liked the idea of having something raring to go and stationary. The book was talking about all kinds of strategies for creating and protecting your writing space. It really resonated. It made me think about getting another smaller laptop that I could use outside of my writing space. I swear...I'm not justifying my recent purchase...well...maybe I am...just a little bit. ;)

It also talked about something important that I hadn't ever really thought about before. The things that you will never do, occassionaly do, and always do in your writing space. I thought I would share the list with you.

Things I will not do in my writing space:

* Office Work

Things I will occassionaly do in my writing space:

* Email
* Facebook

Things I will always do in my writing space:

* Writing
* Blogging
* Planning and Plotting
* Researching

It made me feel good to finally declare my writing space as just that. As only that. And now...there will be a cute pink laptop ready for me to create on...whenever I desire in my writing space. This feels really good.

NanoWrimo Preparation...

Hours away now from embarking upon a new noveling journey and I am so freaking excited!! I have not done any planning so I really don't know what is going to happen at the stroke of midnight tonight. That is what I love the most. I'll be at my writing desk with my writing totems around me and all will be right with the world. My happy place...with a pink cocktail perhaps. ;)

Thought I would share a list of some of things I have been doing this afternoon to prepare:

* Charging my old ipod nano

* Charging my newer ipod nano

* Downloading some new writing tunes - Kid Cudi, Death by Sunrise, Pete Yorn, Owl City, and some dance/electronic remixes to keep the rave going. I'm so ecletic.

* Doing some research on PTAs

* Thinking of character names - Ruby, Twyla, Cricket. Still no names for the boy hero character I am dreaming up. There will be two...of course...but only one will win. Did I mention that one of them was inspired by Chester of Lincoln Park (and lead singer of Death by Sunrise)?

* Dusting the Knight of Armor that is on my writing desk. Well Duh...every goofy, hopeless romantic writer needs one of those.

* Writing down some thoughts in my cute Owl is my NanoWrimo 09 think zone.

* Wondering if this will be the year that I write one of my favorite lines that I have been carrying around in my head for years - "I fell in love with the wrong boy from Ohio..."

It is funny how I think of October 31 as the day before NanoWrimo and not Halloween. Can't wait to get started...seriously...I am so amped!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 13 - Novel Writing Here I Come!!!

I am in need of an escape and there is no escape better than writing. It is perfect timing that November is right around the corner...and that means...National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) will be in full swing. I can't wait to feel the excitement as I open up my laptop to a blank word document on Sunday at 12AM and see where things go. For today's Thursday 13, I thought I would write about the 13 things I am excited about as the NanoWrimo 2009 journey begins.

1) Adding the word count gadget to my blog.

2) Seeing how much more fun it will be to report my word counts not only on my blog but in Facebook Status Updates too.

3) Getting together with my writing friends on a Friday for some writing and chatting and maybe some food and then more writing.

4) Keeping my work friends entertained with my word count increases and worries about whether or not I will finish. Each year they just roll their eyes... ;)

5) Knowing what it feels like to win five years in a row.

6) Seeing if I can do more than the required 50,000 words and if I can do more than the 80,000 words I did last november. Is 100,000 words in a month too much to shoot for?

7) Write-Ins!!!! Getting some good quality time with MPB and Vix and we do sprints and things...and eat Panera goodies....ummm....and coffee too!!!

8) Hopefully reaching 50,000 with NanoWrimo Buddies at Panera like last year. It was such an amazing feeling...and did I mention that it happened on November 15? Only half way through the month? See #6 above.

9) Seeing how my story will take unexpected turns because my characters will take over and I will no longer be in control. (That is the true writer's high by the way)

10) Late nights at my writing desk...with a lovely cocktail by my side and my writing totem near by.

11) My writing totem...My Precious!!! My cute pink twilly Hermes scarf!!!

12) Wearing NanoWrimo Tee-Shirts for the first time ever...I got two this year.

13) Printing and Bindering my completed 2009 NanoWrimo Novel and putting it into a Vera Bradley binder. I am behind...I haven't printed or bindered my 2008 novel yet.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Song to Match My Mood...

This weekend has been one of thinking about things. I haven't really stopped to do that much. I haven't had the time. I think I am closing in on something...and this song seems to be the anthem.

Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
Clouds got in my way

I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way that you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
I've looked at love that way

But now it's just another show
And you leave 'em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let them know
Don't give yourself away

I've looked at love from both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
It's love's illusions I recall
I really don't know love
Really don't know love at all

Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say "I love you" right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I've looked at life that way

Oh but now old friends they're acting strange
And they shake their heads
And they tell me that I've changed
Well something's lost but something's gained
In living every day

I've looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life
I really don't know life at all

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 13 - Why I am Stalling

My Thursday 13 this week is a listing of the reasons why I am stalling on a pesky writing chore I need to do for work. I have been doing so since last Wednesday. I decided to do this list because I am in fact stalling right now.

1. I had a really bad cold and needed to get some sleep…even needed to take a day off work. I never do that…I was that sick!!

2. I needed to go shopping with my Vera Friends on Sunday.

3. I ended up working on another work related thing this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

4. I was admiring the fact that the leaves are changing and the view from my office is breathtaking. Seriously…

5. I had to review 22 reports this week that were due by cob Wednesday…I got them at 5:30pm on Tuesday.

6. I needed to organize a bunch of papers to prepare briefings for the bosses “book”…they were needed for Thursday…so I had to do them on Tuesday evening. That way they are ready the night before for review before Thursday.

7. It was more fun to think about what to wear for the AFI/Paramore show I am going to on Friday night. I’m thinking my black and pink chucks are a most.

8. There are some really funny shows on Wednesday Night…The Middle is like my new favorite (…favorite…). Brick is my hero!!! It was more important to watch TV and fall asleep.

9. Since November 1 is fast approaching, it is important that I begin to think about the names of my hero girl (I am thinking Ruby) and my hero boy (I am thinking Oliver). Names are so crucial…

10. My watch stopped working and I am trying to pick a new one from one of my favorite websites. They have all kinds of cool things to accessorize your medical alert medallions. I so wish they had these when I was a younger diavista.

11. The latest I can get this writing task done is over the weekend…so technically…I could stretch this out some more.

12. My sister got me a copy of Where the Wild Things Are…and I had to read it. I am so going to have to see the movie. I had totally forgotten that one of my other childhood favorites Pierre was also written by Maurice Sendak.

13. I am just not feeling it yet…and I can’t write until I feel it.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Santa...

I may not have been the best girl all year but in all honesty it has been years since I have really, really, really wanted something for Christmas. Well...there is something that I really, really, really want for Christmas...

Scratch that...I really, really, really need these Ugg Boots. So...if Santa doesn't bring them...they may just need to be my reward for finishing NanoWrimo 09. Not that I need a reward as motivation. The glory of passing the 50,000 word count for what will be my fifth year is reward enough.

So...if Christmas doesn't work out...there is always my birthday. ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Vera Girls...Take Tyson's!!

So the Vera Girls met up for a lovely late morning/early afternoon shopping trip to Tyson's Corner...we all knew that we needed to experience our first ever trip to a Vera Bradley Signature Store together. In fact, we did not go in until our entire party arrived...which worked out well because I was frantically sending emails to the boss who was giving a talk today. (Insert Thank You to my sister for manning my blackberry while I was driving...) I love my Vera Friends...and I was so glad that we could find time to get together. We are such enablers and we really had a blast. And is not like we get together and go crazy all the time. :)

I have been in pursuit of the perfect purse to go with my awesome work tote. If you want to know how awesome it here. I found my perfect bag today...from the Vera Frill Collection. The "So Over It" tote in Symphony in looks positively smashing with my work tote. And I do realize that I am using a tote as a purse...but with all the diavista supplies I have to carry around - glucose monitor, calculator, insulin pens, alcohol swabs, life savers, and other life sustaining things...I need a big purse. And I need a cute wallet to match too. Have I mentioned how hard I have been working?? Sometimes even on weekends???

What I love the best is not so much the Vera Addiction...but it is where the muses of shopping take us afterwards. You didn't think we just shopped for Vera did you?? Silly Silly...we just go where the shopping gods guide us. Here is a chronicle of our journey...

Note - I have only noted my purchases...I don't shop and tell on my friends. ;)

Vera Bradley Store - We entered with glee surrounded by lots and lots of Vera. Oh the pretty colors and shapes. I purchased the above mentioned items plus some cute gift tags, an eyeglass case (symphony in hue), six placemats and six napkins (symphony in hue).

Hallmark - I really wanted a binder so when we passed a Hallmark store that sold Vera Bradley too...I had to go in to see if they had any binders. They did so I got one (blue rhapsody). The Vera Store did not have any this was okay. Not insane at all. Please don't judge. I needed a new binder to file all of my 2009 medical stuff. Remember...I am being a much more responsible Type 1 Diabetic (aka Diavista) so again this was a very necessary purchase.

Cakelove - We looked but did not touch. Besides...we were not willing to go that far to the darkside. We were shopping and needed to stay light on our feet.

Lego - A whole store dedicated to Legos. Who knew? I got so many ideas for Camp Fantastic's Hot Spot in 2010. We will need a lego table...with girls and boys projects. OMG...I hope I get asked back!!! My wheels were turning big time!!!

Fornash - This store was a swirly girl's dream...purses, jewlery, headbands, scarves, ribbons and all kinds of fun things. I was able to find two really cute scarves...a black/white/grey plaid and a red/black/yellow plaid. I resisted all other temptation...but may have to go back again. See...they had these purses that you could design yourself with all kinds of different fabric swatches and ribbons to chose from.

Disney Store - I am not a big disney fan...but my sister when I saw this cute little Tink fleecy blanket...well...I had to get it for her. And then there was this Tink Mug...and then...I exited after making my two purchases. Mostly because there was a moment when I considered buying a tiara for myself...and that would have been...well...crazy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 13 - Home Sick List

So I am home sick today...and really need to be getting back to sleep. As I closed out of my work email...I realized something. It is Thursday!!! And I haven't done a list in a few why not crank out one before I retreat to my comfy bed and bury myself beneath the covers. Score!!!

Here is a list of things to do when you are home from work because you are sick - -

1) Hit the snooze alarm a few times because it makes you feel better.

2) Smear on some Vick's because you don't need to put any make-up on.

3) Keep the news on so that you can hear how yucky the weather is and feel better just knowing that you do not have to deal with it.

4) Drink two cups of coffee while looking over the newspaper...because you never have time to do that on other mornings.

5) Think of NanoWrimo 2009 ideas...I think this is the year for my "I knew my prom date would someday be president" idea.

6) Try not to feel guilty for not being at work...even though you are sick and should be at home resting.

7) Work on a Thursday 13 List...especially since you have not done one since the beginning of September. For shame...

8) Fix your newly designed blog so that you can get back "Home" in an easy way. It has been driving me crazy...and I finally took some time this AM to fix it. ;)

9) Watch Soap Operas...if you happen to be awake in the afternoon...

10) Avoid the urge to write out a "to do" list of everything you need to do at work tomorrow since you are not there today.

11) Crank the volume on your ipod and play all the songs that make you feel warm and cozy.

12) Try to avoid checking your blackberry every five minutes in case you are missing something.

13) Sleep...all day long...sleep...glorious...sleep!!!

Well...maybe this is just my list!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have Merch...Will Participate...

So I have just made a few NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) purchases...some stickers and two tee-shirts!! I am so excited...November is my favorite month of the year. It is the one time of year where writing is my number one priority and I become one with my laptop on a crazy regular basis. I am so freaking excited...

I can also get my writing totem cutely pink Hermes Silk Twilly. I adore it...much like I adore my pink laptop. Are you sensing a theme here??? Swoon...I love NanoWrimo!! Swoon...I love writing novels!!! Even if they just sit upon a shelf never to be touched least until I retire someday. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do these count??

So in anticipation of going a bit Vera Crazy this upcoming weekend, I was trying to think back over some recent splurges. The good news is...there really haven't been any. I mean does a 2010 agenda, pencils, binder clips, and a pen count? Really?? I need those for work. They are essential elements for being able to get things done. My job is important to me and whatever I need to continue to get things done...well that is mission critical right? Right??

It is not like I bought a purse or tote or anything...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get your "How" on...

Okay...first much?? How sad that I haven't updated in so long...two weeks. That is just plain irresponsible...erhm...laziness.

Finally...after way too many years...I made it back to a camp weekend with Special Love. Getting my "How" on was just what I needed to take the edge off of what has been quite a stressful time workwise. There is something magical about the connection between people who share a common experience and passion...cancer let's kick it's ass by having fun!! It was just what I needed to fuel me at just keep plugging along. To feel lucky that I can work in a place that combats the one thing I truly hate. I am honored to fight the fight...even though I am not a scientist or doctor or nurse or some other amazing professional that cares for patients.

In tribute to my love of lists (i.e. current laziness in writing), here are a few goals that I had for the weekend - -

1) Learning to Straw Fart. All you need is a bendy straw. Can't wait to impress those friends truly worthy with my new party trick. Genius...absolutely genius.

2) Making Good Coffee for Volunteer Staff. In the process of meeting this goal I learned how to percolate coffee with a crazy 60 cup urn...and not cause any injury or harm to others while doing so. For the girl with no kitchen skills it was a challenge. Extra perk(ha ha...get it...perk??) was getting some half&half and randomly picking some other flavorings which really were a hit. I was so happy!!

3) Catching up with Campers. By far the best part of a camp weekend vs. camp is being able to interact not only with campers but with their families too. So much fun. So much love. So much strength. Amazing.

4) Staff Fun. Did not disappoint...sometimes it is fun to revert back to being twelve. Constant laughter cures all that ails you. I even learned about some new strategies I can use at work when feeling intimidated.

5) Singing in the Parade. With the drum beat given the rhythm...there is nothing better than singing loud and strong. And the rain was held at bay...

6) Campfire. I so missed it this year and really needed to stare into the flames for some perspective. It may have been October...but it is never to late.

7) Singing One Voice. Can never get through it without crying...but it is okay. Someone is always right there to support you. You are not alone.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missed Opportunities...

I'm stuck in my sister's office helping her to clean up because her last day here is on Tuesday. I am so excited for her new career adventure...and it is not just because she will be working on the same floor as I am. I am so busy these days...that I am sure I will not even see her most of the time except for when we get coffee together in the AMs. Now...back to the cleaning. You never know what you are going to find or the things that your sister has been keeping for you. Such was the case a few moments ago.

My sister kept this card that was sent to me from a "secret admirer" back in 2004. At the time I thought it was creepy...but sort of suspected that it may have been a joke from some of my work friends. I guess I will never know...but the note had me in stitches. So much so that I could feel a blog coming on. Are you ready? Do you want to know what the note said???

March 22, 2004

Dear Joy,

Hi, this is from an admirer. We haven't met, nor do we know each other. However, I think you're an attractive, progressive women, that I would like to get to know. Me? I'm a handsome, intelligent, humorous, educated guy (about to graduate with a Master's in Information Systems) that's worth knowing.

E-mail me, and let's talk. I'll fill in all details (I promise I won't bite).

{First Name and Email Address Withheld}

I totally forgot about this...but for some reason my sister kept it. She claims it was because if something bad ever happened to me it could be used as evidence. How funny is that? I'm thinking this needs to find a way into my NanoWrimo 2009 Novel.

What do you think...maybe this was my guy and I missed a huge opportunity?

Hmm...somehow I think not.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plans are good...but it is all in the implementation

I am totally ready to all honesty...after almost 23 years...having diabetes is not for the weak. I am working really hard at being a good diavista and you know what? It is hard. Taking time to take care of my health is sooooo not how I have ever existed. But you know what? I think it is worth it.

I feel so much better. I feel less stressed. I feel in control. I could really get used to this!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silly Habits of a Working Girl

So I haven't really had time to blog which has me a bit worried for November which is fast approaching...National Novel Writing Month...50,000 words in a month. Somehow, I know I will be able to do it again. I have managed to over the past four years...and one of the years was the hardest of my entire life...and I still did it. But wait a second, that is not what this post is about. This post is about a strange occurance...three of them that happened this week.

I am on a temporary assignment for work...I have my regular job plus another. Which has really been the theme this year. I have had two jobs really...and as the one extra began to wind down...another one fell into place. So really...there may have been a time when I had three jobs and didn't realize it. Go me!!! to my point. My temporary assignment has me sitting in an office that I used to sit outside off. I know, right? Let the River Run!!! Well...there were three times this week where I came whizzing around the corner and started to head towards my old desk. Isn't that crazy? I haven't sat there for over ten years and three times this week I wound the corner headed in that direction. That was so 1999 of me...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Week!!

There were so many times I started to work on a post this week and I just never found the time. It was busy and memorable and filled with all kinds of emotions. I didn't even have a moment to scribble out a Thursday 13. So I thought I would list out a few of the things I had every intention of writing about...

* I finished reading Agnes and the Hitman...and this is now one of my most favorite books. It had everything I love - a bit of romance, espionage, mystery, action, quirky female main character, manly male main character with a dangerous/mysterous job, and humor. I am in love with this book. I intentionally read it slow because I did not want it to end.

* I packed up my office and moved down the temporary work assignment will start on Tuesday. I am honored to be sitting in an office that I used to sit outside of. I can't believe it. Even if it ends up being for a short while...what an honor. I'm not ashamed to admit that I started at the bottom of the ladder...the very first 1994. I was an assistant. Now...I have my own assistant. Anything is possible with really hard work...

* I have been a very bad diavista for the past few weeks...but this week will be better. I was stressed and put my health on the back burner. I won't do that this week.

* I am starting to get excited for NanoWrimo 2009...and hoping that I can figure out how to work on a novel even though work may very well be challenging. But hey...I have done it for the past four years...I need to make it for five in a row. I think that it is possible. I have one idea in my brainspace for this year...and I'm not planning. I think I will just start with a blank page on November first and see what happens over those 30 wonderful days.

* I was responsible. Instead of buying Vera Bradley...I bought a printer for my home office/novel writing zone. So exciting!!!

* Less than month till Octoberfest at Camp...I can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 13 - Surprising Factoids

While at a wedding this weekend, some of my friends who know me mostly from work were shocked to see me out on the dance floor. They couldn't believe a "suit" like me could groove. I have a thing about dancing actually, you should do it as often as you can. Even if you look still should...because you can. It is my little tribute to my camper friends who have gone on to better places. My little way of giving cancer the finger. Take that you horrid foe...I'm dancing!!

So, given my friends surprised reaction, I thought I would chronicle a few factoids about myself that some people might find surprising...hope that you enjoy them.

1) I love to shake my groove thing...especially at shows. Best groovin' ever was when I saw The Wailers a few years ago.

2) I have an ear for music...even when I was little I could pick up a song or instrumental and hum along. Evidently I was pretty good at anticipating the next set of notes too...

3) I love cars about the same amount that I love is just that purses are less expensive so I can have more of them. I'm not afraid to admit that I am a true blue Chevy Girl too. I am also really good at detailing them and actually find it fun.

4) I love favorite stuffed animal when I was little was a cute giraffe that I called "woo woo". I had a few of them actually...and have been collecting giraffe related things ever since then.

5) I have two big may or may not be a congressman and the other is Henry Rollins. I saw Henry years ago on Dennis Miller...he read one of his poems...and I fell in love. He is one of the coolest people around...and has a work ethic that I can totally get behind.

6) My favorite XM station is BPM (Beats Per Minute)...I live in a rave on my way to and from work.

7) I am a chronic radio station changer...I am always afraid I am missing I always switch around. My poor sister...I'm totally manic about it. The fact that you can do this now from your steering wheel is just about the greatest thing ever.

8) I HATE thermos', plastic cups, and water bottles (meant for reuse). Not sure why...maybe it is laziness because I hate to clean them. Something about them just grosses me out. I was so happy when juice boxes were invented when I was little.

9) I can't eat soy. Joy can have no soy. No soy for joy. can't eat soy.

10) I can fill a blank sheet of paper with a story...on command.

11) I am an excellent nap taker...and I really wish I could do that more.

12) I am an expert water hose winder...I can work out any kinks.

13) I love, love, love to color. I have crayons and coloring books...don't judge.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A really fun weekend...

I have to say that I had a blast at my friend Jen's wedding. She married her high school cute!! In trueness of how small the world is, we actually went to high school together...but I don't remember her...she was class of 97 and I was class of 95. Years later we met at work...and have been having fun ever since. In high school, I had two really good friends...both of whom had names that started with J (Jen and Jeremy). And the cool thing is...years later...I have two really good friends...whose names also start with J (Jen and Jamelle). We worked together in the same office for a bit...and have been friends ever since. The Three J's!!! :) Now...if I could only get my J girls on Facebook. Then I will have both sets of J's...

Isn't Jen's cake adorable? So fitting...and you will be happy to know that I did not eat anything bad yesterday despite the amazing food offerings at the wedding. I did have a glass of champagne...but that was the only bad form of carbs. I had a blast out on the dancefloor...and I know that extra bit helped to push me to one of my goals. I am officially Joy minus Ten!!! Now for the next goal...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Light up my life...

I treated myself to some Vera yesterday...I know right? What a shocker!! One of the groups I interact with regularly at work was nice enough to give me a gift card, so the good news didn't cost me anything. So really, this it isn't that bad. I decided to get something that I had been eyeing for several months...a cute little lamp with a Peacock lampshade. I'm undecided where to keep it at the moment. Should I take it to the office? Should I put it on my writing desk? Should I put it on the desk in my bedroom? So many decisions...but it is so cute.

It is a treat (with no carbs) in salute to my continued focus on being a good diabetic. The past week, despite some rather momentous moments at work, went really well for me. My blood sugars were pretty good. I managed to exercise each night except for one. I have been rather calm despite some long work days and I know that it is because I took time for me each day. Walking before bedtime is the key for me...I let the stress of the day fade away and it also makes the next morning's blood sugar much lower. I really hope that I can keep this up next week too. It is a must..

And in case you curious about any whether or not there is any icing on the cake so far, I am also down 9 pounds already. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday 13 - Favorite Movies

Wow...I missed the deadline. I have thirteen things...but it is no longer Thursday. Oh the spirit of fun and a three day Friday Thirteen is a lovely listing of 13 of my favorite movies. To kick it up a notch...I added in some of my favorite quotes.

Favorite Movies

1. WallStreet - this was the first rated R movie a there any wonder I would grow up and get an MBA?? And that was when I fell in love with Charlie Sheen. Everyone else was lusting after Tom Cruise...but not me. "Greed is Good..."

2. Overboard - wonderful in every sense of wonderful. I could watch this movie over and over again. I love the song in the ending credits...but can't for life of me find it anywhere. "Katerina!!"

3. The Saint - this movie is soooo my kind of movie. "You don't believe in all this cold fusion mumbo jumbo..."

4. The Sound of Music - pefection. "...ever since you sat on that silly pine cone."

5. True Romance - alabama and clarence were destined from the start. This movie is brilliant. "Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the thunder of gunshots, and all I could smell was the violence in the air, I look back and am amazed that my thoughts were so clear and true, that three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves like a broken record: you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool."

6. Holiday - ummm Cary Grant...need I say more?? "...and oh how I will believe in those peanuts."

7. Chasing Amy - anything Kevin Smith does it for me. "I am forever changed..."

8. Working Girl - this movie strikes a cord with anyone who has been an assistant. "I am"

9. The Talented Mr. Ripley - Jude Law. Jude Law. Umm...Jude Law. "Dick? Dickie? I know you can hear me. What am I doing, chasing you around...? I was going to say I would count to three and if you didn't open the door, but I won't count any more. On you. I won't count on you any more. Whatever it is, whatever you've done or haven't done, you've broken my heart. That's one thing I know you're guilty of, and I don't know why, I don't know why, I just don't know why..."

10. The Wind and the Lion - what every epic should aspire to be. "It is the wind that passes but the sea remains."

11. True Colors - politics...and John Cusack. "My father used to say that friendship is like the morning dew.......... it settles on rose petals... and it settles on some dogshit."

12. The Philadelphia Story - such a sucker for a great love story and a snarky younger sister. "My, she was yar... "

13. Sabrina - any Audrey Hepburn movie really. This one is my could you go wrong with a guy named Linus...i mean really?? "No, father. The moon is reaching for me."

Perhaps one of the above is one of your favorites too...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I have been thinking about words to describe how I have been feeling and all that is going on. The feeling that I have catapulted seems to capture it...I'm not sure if that makes sense from a dictionary standpoint...but I may just have to coin it. Let's just hope I land where I am supposed to land...and that I'm not banged up to badly. Hope, Hope!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Balance Lessons...

So I have not been good at balance lately, but I figured something out last night and into very early hours this AM. I am really not living my life very well. My week was full of "did not's" - I did not get a vacation, I did not pay attention to my blood sugar, I did not exercise, and I did not keep things in perspective. All of these things are totally within my control...I am the one who can make my life full "did's" instead of "did nots". Okay...does that make any sense at all??

After having time to see my camp friends it really started to hit me how much I need to make camp a priority in my life again. Like writing, camp is something I just do. I don't think too much...I just swoop in and do whatever it is I do. It seems to work and fit into the greater scheme of things. Thursday afternoon and night were a huge gift for many hugs and smiles. So much happiness. I was overjoyed...and you wouldn't think I could be...but I was. It was just what I needed. This high lasted until about 3pm the next day (yesterday) where work got the best of me and I got totally stressed out again. So much so, that I waved the white flag and left before finishing everything I needed too. It was well after 5:30pm...and I was just done.

I was mad at myself...because I let work take away my camp high. See the key phrase there - I let it happen. So it got me thinking...I can make camp a priority. I can make my diavista life a priority. Those are the parts of my life that are lacking and I really learned this week that they are crucial to my being. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be much better off at work too. So here is to balance...I am going to make it priority. Perhaps if I write it on my to do list everyday...I will actually do it!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 13 - Status Updates...Camp Style

My Thursday 13 this week is dedicated to some of the status updates I have been creating my head over the past week. Typically during this week of August I would be at Camp Fantastic...but life and work have kept me away this year. That doesn't mean that I have not been thinking about it 24/7 and imagining all of the entertaining facebook status updates I would be creating. Here is my list...hope you enjoy!!!

Facebook Status Updates (if I were at Camp)

1) Joy is happy to see one of her homesick campers from last year back and having a blast. And...I should note...without a wheelchair!!

2) Joy is making coffee for med staff and counselors.

3) Joy has vowed not to be afraid of the popcorn machine and swears not to accidentally drop the F Bomb...because that is not "How How" Language. (Note - "How How" is a camp term that equals all the amazing things about camp, good things, happy things, like a pat on the back or a standing ovation)

4) Joy is sitting on Molden Porch watching the sunrise...before campers start rolling in with their room numbers.

5) Joy thinks Dr. Steve holds up the start of medline and not the med staff.

6) Joy is still in love (after a whole year) with the fabulous duct tape purse that Ann made her.

7) Joy really would love to be a human sundae makes for a perfect ending to Bonkers Day.

8) Joy is so proud that one of her former campers is now a's a beautiful thing.

9) Joy is proudly wearing her friendship bracelet from 2005 because it reminds her of Chass and all that is really important in life.

10) Joy is sitting back and enjoying all of the creativity happening in her creative expressions class.

11) Joy is so happy that there is no cellphone/blackberry reception.

12) Joy is yelling out room numbers and loving every second at it. She never yells...and this is totally prohibited.

13) Joy measures her success by how messy campers can make the "Hot Spot" each time they pass through. The messier the better. She loves to clean it all they can mess it up again!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do you have a calculator handy??

Why yes..yes I do. I always do. How else could I calculate how much insulin to give myself after eating X number of carbs. This is my life. Constant subtractions and divisions. Blood Sugar Hight? Subtract from 100 and divide by 20. Ingesting carbs? Divide by seven. So...if you ever need a calculator...I am your gal!!

As long as you don't mind purple...becuase...well...not any old calculator will do.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Boy is this ever true...

I finally took a break from working to eat some few days off from work were somewhat interrupted today...but I kind of expected you know me...I planned for it I guess. ;) I was thumbing through the Washington Post as I like to do and then stumbled upon my horoscope. It seems quite fitting for today - -

You are given a pretty tall order. You'll be asked to fill in the blanks and solve problems. This is just the kind of challenge you thrive on.

Wow...accurate much??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13 - Pieces of Me

Another Thursday and I'm a bit late with my 13...but I'm taking a few days off work to it doesn't really matter when I get my list long as I get it done. It is one if not the only writing highlight of my week!! :) After blogging a bit about the need to get some balance in my life, I decided to dedicate this weeks Thursday 13 to the pieces of me. The facets that make up who I am. Hope you enjoy...

1) A Vera Bradley enthusiast

2) A Workaholic

3) A Writer who never takes time to write

4) A Hater of Cancer (see #2 above)

5) A Sister who is a best friend

6) A Granddaughter who is patient

7) A Daughter who is a best friend, peer, and baby moose

8) An INFJ who is introverted, intuitive, feeling, and constantly needing closure

9 A Believer that pedicures are one of the best stress relievers

10) A Camp Fantastic Volunteer who will be there in spirit this year (see #4 above)

11) A Romantic who recognizes that he is taking an extra long time to get here...but it is totally worth the wait

12) A Driver who balances safety and fun

13) A Type 1 Diabetic who promises to be better

Well...there you have it...what makes up you??

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am a Diavista...

So now that I am in Week 2, I felt that it was time to blog a bit about one other facet of my personality. As a reminder, here are few:

1) A Vera Bradley enthusiast
2) A Workaholic
3) A Sister (and best friend)
4) A Writer who never takes time to write
5) A Hater of Cancer (see #2 above)

I think that is the short list...but it totally gave me an idea for an upcoming Thursday 13!!

There is another piece of me that I don't pay enough attention to...some may say it is the most important piece. The piece that I should rank first on my list...but I don't. I don't...but I should...before something really bad happens. I am a Diavista (dia - vee - sta)...which is a little tag name I gave myself to give the T1 Diabetes part of my life some snarky, snazzy spice...or should I say give my sugar some snark and snazz? Anyway...back to the original point of this post...for those of you who know me you know that I am not a good diabetic. I guess. I intuit. I float along taking no real responsibility for things. I know right? Me lackadaisical about something??

Well it will be 22 years since I was diagnosed at 10 at the end of September...and given all that is going on at the especially...I need to be better balanced. I need to pay attention to what I need. I need to pay attention to me. I know, I can't believe I just wrote that...but I'm starting to believe that it is true. Actually I know it is I am taking active steps to make this happen. Perhaps my Thursday 13 will be a list of those things...I was going to do it on my favorite movies...but maybe I should save that one for a rainy day.

Stay tuned...much like my musings about Vera...this could be quite an entertaining ride. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

A little bit of Vera's what I need...

A funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store yesterday, I had a hankering for some Vera. Actually, it was just one item in particular...a lanyard for my work ID and keys. Seemed simple enough...the biggest decision I had to make was which pattern to get it in. I picked Pirouette in case you were wondering. But then I saw them...the new microfiber bags...thump, thump...thump, thump. The 100th Anniversary Journal...thump, thump...thump, thump...I am in love again. And about to splurge a bit on some Vera.

The journal is adorable and covered in many past Vera Bradley is a visual history to all the Vera's we have loved before. You remember your very first pattern...and the exact purse style. I resisted for years because I have always had a purse and bag "problem". I will never forget when my fellow Vera Girls came back from a sale and told me that I needed to go. The rest...well...I don't need to go on...but I will. I bought a limited edition plaid bag that was a cute octogon shape. Then...some Chelesa Green...and then Emily...and really don't want me to go there.

So today my new black microfiber Crossover Hipster made it's debut at work and it is super cute!! I love the shape and it looks quite smart with my fabulous red patent work tote. I of course got a wallet to match...very functional. Lots of pockets and plenty of nooks & crannies to store all kinds of things. I fully recognize that I have a problem...but sometimes you just need a new purse. It sparks something you an extra kick and boosts your spirits. Vera always delivers...never a moment of buyer's remorse. Never ever...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday 13 - Guest Blogger

Thirteen Things....

today marks the 29th anniversary of when my sister and i first met in person. while i can't say i remember any of it (i wasn't 24 hours old yet!) i've heard many times of how our Grandpa held her up so she could look in the hospital nursery window at me. but i'm sure if i knew what i was going on i would have greated her with a resounding wazzzupppp!!! so, anyway, in honor of our 29 fabulous years as being sisters and best friends, Joy has graciously let me do a guest Thursday Thirteen in honor of this fabulous event.

so, on to the list. i can't thing of one cohesive theme for this, so the best i can do is write a random list of thirteen things about whatever.

1. running errands, especially going to target. there is so much fun to be had, from raiding the dollar bins and getting hot dogs to buying organizational items and cute sticky notes. there is like, no better way to spend some quality time.

2. going to shows. my favorite thing is the moment when you first get inside the place (after going through the gate thing where you get our ticket scanned) and hit the restroom, even if you don't need to, because that is the only time you know there's still paper towels.

3. taking morning walks when on vacation. she totally puts up with me stopping every two minutes to snap pictures of ducks and clouds, and when i get cranky and tired.

4. reading books together or in succession. it's so fun getting each other's perspective or guess on what's going to happen. i especially love it when she's reading a book after i have, because she always figures out what's going to happen.

5. i love when she stops by my office. it's always a nice surprise, even if i knew she was coming over. i love that we get to work down the hall from each other.

6. vera! it's so much better when you can share. and it's great, because we like fairly different pallates so between to two of us, a coordinating bag can be found to go with any kind of outfit.

7. i can't wait until we retire so we can travel and do whatever we want. we have so many wonderful plans!

8. throwing parties. she is so fabulous at planning menus and getting decorations and things. even if we're just having dinner out on the deck, it is so much fun making a fun evening for the family.

9. christmas shopping. we always go the last weekend before christmas and get all of our shopping done. its a great tradition.

10. getting oil changes. we get some einstein bagels and coffee and wonder around the grocery store. there's always something to do!

11. winnie the pooh. when the going gets tough and things are really bad, there is great comfort to be found in reading it aloud to each other.

12. movies and books about siblings. there's pretty much always one sibling each of us can identify with. and of course, it's so hard to take when one sibling is a total meanie and horrible. we're lucky that we find it so horrible and unlikely that a sibling could behave that way toward another.

13. no matter what is happening, we are always there for each other. there is nobody more important!

snaps for sisterhood!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 13 - Favorite Summer Moments (So Far...)

I thought it might be fun to dedicate this weeks Thursday 13 to my 13 favorite summer moments so far. I'm chronicling them in hopes of spurring lots more before autumn comes to whisk them away.

1. Getting Grandma in the pool for some Saturday Fun in the Sun.

2. Seeing Coldplay at Nissian Pavillion

3. Being lost in DC with my Sister

4. Getting two rounds of applause at my big meeting week before last

5. Hanging Tree Flaire in my Wedding Tree (an owl)

6. Wearing my cute new aqua sun dress with my Vera Bradley Flip Flops and Clutch

7. Cooking chicken at Jen's Bachelorette Party...who would have thunk I could do it??

8. Declaring WTF moments at work with my budget buddies

9. Spending time at the Spa with my Mommy

10. Getting the lawn cut...which allows so much more time for fun. I hope I never take this luxury for granted!!!

11. Watching our Chipmunk, Tiny, from the kitchen window. He is seriously the cutest little thing ever.

12. Watching Poly do her thing

13. Having fun in Baltimore with a waiter who flirted with us for three days straight and a super cute bell hop who could solve any problem.

I hope that you have had some favorite moments this summer too!! Here's to hoping there are lots more to come!!

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