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Friday, November 14, 2014

So about those words... (Pages Edited = 13) is is that novel writing coming along? all honesty...I have not felt like sitting at Panera or Starbucks huddled behind my laptop.  The weather is beautiful...and being outside seems like the best thing for my soul.  There was a time when writing the words was what I needed...but I don't need that any more.  I think it is okay that I haven't been feeling like barfing out new words for word counts.  There is something else I have felt like doing...editing old words.  What?  Yes...editing.  My NanoWrimo Novel from 2009 is still the one I am closest to finishing.  It is the one I carry around with me...all...the...time.  It is always in the back of my car...taunting me to read through it and get it closer to done.  So, that is what I am doing.  My novel...The Accidental going to get another rebuff...and then...I will send it to my friend in Texas to read.  I was supposed to do that last January before I visited her on my birthday.  She hasn't asked me about it once.  I think that means more.  I know that she knows I will eventually send it to her.  I know that it will happen...eventually.

Years of my old bosses called me out on something regarding my writing.  She said that I never finished any of my novels because I was afraid of finishing.  If I finished one, I would have to do something with it.  She was absolutely right.  Maybe the fear is subsiding...maybe finishing a novel no longer seems so impossible...ready, steady, here I go...

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Happiness... (Word Count = 4,030)

I am completely out of my element this November for National Novel Writing Month and it feels awesome.  I have never written a Fantasy the words are coming very slowly.  I'm okay with this.  Rather than count on the weekends to get 10-15K words...I'm getting back to the basics...I will write 2K words a day.  I love the month of gets colder...the fun of the holiday season starts...and I write a crappy first draft of a novel.  I love having to adjust my life to be sure I have time to write.  I love keeping track of my word count.  I love that I can wear all of my boots.  I love that each year I focus on something different.  This year is all about balance...time with gym, time for soccer hooliganism, time for work, time for paying attention to my health, time for writing, time for sleep, time for play with friends and family, and time to just be.  Each year I fear that delving into the writing world will bring back old habits...too much food, too little activity, and too much time in my own head.  I have vowed to not let this happen this year.  I have vowed to not eat my way through my novel writing adventure either.  I think that is why I am focusing on the 2K words a day.  I don't want to put myself in a situation where I have to sit and write for an entire day to catch up.  So here is my November plan...10K steps a day...2K words a day...and time for work, sleep, and play.  I got this.  Happy November!!