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Sunday, January 24, 2010

OGYST - Week 3 in Review

The third week of 2010 felt to me to be the "make it or break it" week. In other times where I have tried to refocus my efforts...the third week is where I abandon things. This week was the real test. The good news is that I made all of my gym goals!!! I'm learning to compensate when "work happens"...but still keep to my plan. All in was another good week. When I think back on how I felt in 2009...even with my blips this week...I am still feeling much more in control. I know it is the gym. I know it is a process. I know that I just need to keep at it.

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #3

1. Controling When I Look at Blackberry - I am doing okay in the managing work stress realm...although I had Friday off but did some work in the AM. Got a bit stressed out...but tried to focus on the fact that it was okay to be off from work. Tried to remember that everything turns out okay...or it should. I need to remember that I don't need to take on other folks stress. I can still be calm and that is okay. I was shopping most of yesterday...and did not look at the blackberry once. Trust me...for me...this was huge. ;)

2. Take Time to Breathe - See #1 above...forgot about this one on Tuesday afternoon and on Friday. But the feeling didn't stay that long...even though I forgot to breathe and focus on one thing at a time. Most of the trouble is when those around me get stressed...I need to remember to breathe and not catch/take on angst. Just because I am calm...doesn't mean that I am not working hard or doing my part.

3. Go to the Movies - Again...DVD/DirecTV Watching...but it still counts!!! ;)

* Doubt
* Post Grad
* The Invention of Lying

4. Gym = Transition - I got to the gym three times this week...I did all strength training each I met the goal to do that 2 -3 times a week. At home on three days I did all cardio...which met my goal to do 3 - 5 times a week. So that means I exercised 6 out of 7 days. I am very happy about this. ;) And also lucky that I can do cardio at home. ;) I was able to do my strength training work outs on my own and I really loved it. Especially since I get to do a bit of cardio before and after...feels so good!!

5. Other - Went to the endocrinologist and was reminded again how much I love my doctor. After 22 years...I finally feel like I have someone that I can work with. I was really proud of myself for not canceling my appointment...that is what I do...but I didn't do that!! Also finally made an appointment with the retinologist...haven't gone in over a year (this is really bad...) but will go in early February. OMG...this sounds like an older persons entry. ;) Didn't do any work on my novel...but I am just happy that I was in Week #3 and did not abandon my new plan. Had an amazing day shopping with my Mommy yesterday...we don't get a lot of time together these days...and this was a perfect unplanned day of fun.

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Hmmm...many of my expected highlights are leftover from last week. Upps!!! Starting to edit novel (I will do this I swear!!!), Getting back on track with my food intake, Going to the movies, and Enjoying Happy Hour with some of my IT buddies.

Monday, January 18, 2010

OGYST - Week 2 in Review

The second week of 2010 seemed to fly right by and was quite eventful. I turned a year older...had more of a 'typical' work week...dinner with with friends...and first session with a personal trainer. I had a blast actually. No complaints other than I haven't been writing very much, but I decided that I needed to focus on getting to the that is what I am doing. It was a good week...scratch was a FANTASTIC week.

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #2

1. Controling When I Look at Blackberry - I was incredibly calm this week at work and only worked really late one day. I knew it was going to be a late day because it was my "meeting" day. Didn't do any work at home...even when I thought I would have to keep up. I didn't need too. That felt really good!!! Aiming to leave by 5pm and at the latest 5:30pm has made me work much more efficiently it seems.

2. Take Time to Breathe - In those moments when I think I feel panicked or that I should feel panicked...I realize that I am really not. I have been relaxed and focused for the most part. Working on one thing at a time. Calm.

3. Go to the Movies - Again...DVD Watching...but it still counts!!! ;)

* My Best Friends Girl
* How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
* Office Space
* The Heiress (1949) - Random find on of my favorite songs ever was the love theme. A truly genius story. My kind of movie for sure!!

4. Gym = Transition - I got to the gym four times this week...I did all cardio but stretched as well. I worked out at home once and discovered the fun of integrating the portable DVD player with time on the treadmill and bike. Makes time fly by much faster. Aiming to get out of the office by 5 or 5:30 has really helped me...because I feel so great after going to the the time I get home at 8pm the day has faded away. Had a training session with a personal trainer today and I have a workout plan...using weights and things. Felt great!! Can't wait to integrate it into my workouts in Week #3.

5. Other - Yummy dinner at my favorite restaurant (Zio's) with my J girls, Great Birthday with lots of presents and facebook wall messages, first visit to a sauna (LOVED IT), bloodwork and H1N1 Vaccine, Vera Bradley shopping with my VERA girls, Margaritas!!!, amazing food at tex mex restaurant, and cute new earrings too!!

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Getting to the Gym four of five week days, Appointment with endocronologist, Using weights at gym, Editing novel, Getting back on track with my food intake and going to the movies.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Vera Girls...Take Artisans!!

For my birthday, the Vera Girls decided to descend upon the local shop near where I live. It is one of my main Vera dealers, Artisans. We had a blast and went Vera Crazy!! But it was in celebration of my 33rd it was totally okay. As luck would have it, Vera Bradley's new Spring Line of colors and bags came out on my Birthday. Perfect timimg!!!

In all honesty, I have not really purchased that many purses as of late...but Vera has come out with some really retro designs that totally hooked me in. I knew I was going to be in trouble when I perused the website on my birthday. I fell in love with a few. Oh I adore you.

I am not going to lie...I got lots of things...and the cool thing was...between bday money and a cell phone rebate check...not much went on the ole charge card. I really, really lucked out. For the most I was very practical in my purchases...I will list them out for you. I love a good list...especially if it is a list of Vera Bradley.

1) For the office - all kinds of cute pencils, note cube, binder clips, spiral notebook, and note pad. Pattern: Sitting in a Tree

2) For the gym - the 'Get Carried Away' Tote. This is a new tote that I am so in love with!! Six pockets inside....four outside. There is a place for everything. You can zip it or not. Perfect Perfect Perfect Gym Bag!!! Also got a cute matching 'Audrey'...because I need to carry lifesavers with me at all times while at the gym. Duh!! Pattern: Sitting in a Tree

3) For the stuff I need to carry around (aka purse) - the 'Alice' and and a 'Clutch' wallet. I have been trying to find a purse to go with my fantabulous work tote. The Alice is just plain classy...I love it. So retro...I am a HUGE fan of a kiss lock top. ;) Pattern: Symphony in Hue

Thanks to my Vera Girls for meeting up with was a most fantastic birthday!!! Love you Guys!!! ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Blackberry...

As a continued explanation of each of my four "focus points" for 2010...I thought I would tackle the first one on the list. The statement "I control when I look at the blackberry..." is simple to say but much harder to do. Well for me at least...I am all about getting the work done as soon as I can so that I can check it off of the list. This has served me well, don't get me wrong. But 2009 was amp'd at a supercharged level and I got lost. I mean really lost. I was always crazy about being sure to get things done quickly, but there were times when I was working 24/7. It took a toll...I lost myself. And the truth is...I am pretty sure I was already lost to begin with. ;)

So for me, "I control when I look at the blackberry" means a few things. It is almost my mantra for working now. Perhaps I will list them. You know...I am crazy for the lists.

1) You can save some things for the next day.

2) You don't have to answer emails right away, sometimes taking time to think about how best to respond serves you well.

3) You don't have to check your email every two seconds, you can trust your intuition. Sometimes, I just have a feeling that I need to check the blackberry, and when I do...there is usually something I need to respond too. (PS - I refuse have my blackberry beep or vibrate to tell me emails are coming in. That would make me a nervous wreck.)

4) You don't need to waste energy worrying about something that is coming down the pike or due in the future. Just take it as it with it...when it gets here.

5) You can focus on one thing at a time. Pick something. Work on it to completion or as much as you helps to not feel so scattered. Doing 17 things at once is stupid.

So I solider on...trying to not let the blackberry (or work) control me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

OGYST - Week 1 in Review

The first week of 2010 has bit the dust and I think all in went fairly well. There was really only one day where I feel like I fell of off the balance wheel...Thursday. But I was reminded that I need to just learn from the momentary fall and keep moving foward. Here is what I learned - take the gym bag with you (even if you have plans). That way, if said plans change, you can still get to the gym.

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #1

1. Controling When I Look at Blackberry - I only got really freaked out about work on Thursday evening. Other than that...the week rolled along. I was calm for the most part and knew that I would probably have to work late on Friday and a bit on the weekend. It was no problemo...really...I swear.

2. Take Time to Breathe - Other than Thursday, this was good too. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I just take a deep breath. Truth is, there were not many moments that felt overwhelmed. I'm thinking taking two weeks off of work was really just what I needed.

3. Go to the Movies - Didn't get to go this weekend...but I did enjoy the following movies this weekend. Each was perfectly just what I needed...(action/suspense, freaking funny, and a romantic comedy).

* State of Play
* The Goods
* (500) Days of Summer

4. Gym = Transition - I went to the gym four times this week. I exercised on my own two times. That means there was only one day this past week (Friday) that I did not do some form of exercise. Go Me!!! Oh yes...there was my fitness test on Saturday. That will serve as my benchmark for continued progress in this area.

5. Other - It was a fun week all in all. Gearing up for my birthday...which will the the entire week. I have declared it. I am so not repeating the mistakes of last year. ;) Got my xmas present (two pairs of cute flats) from Santa/my Mommy. Bought some Vera Bradley in Symphony in Hue - Ditty Bag (for my shoes) and a Lunch Tote. Making Plans for my Birthday...starts on Monday!!!

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Fun with Friends, Turning a year older, Blood Work/H1N1 Vaccine, Three Day Weekend, Fun with Friends, Movies, Fun with Family, Margaritas, and Work out with Trainer!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

4 Simple Things...

I have a list of four simple things that are my focal points for 2010. I didn't want to have a list of resolutions but rather a few things or ideas that I wanted to focus on. I already blogged about one of them - going to the movies . I'll expound on the others in future posts, but thought it might be good to list them. A kind of accountability I guess...

My four focus points for this year are as follows:

1) I control when I look at the blackberry

2) Take time to breathe

3) Go to the Movies

4) Gym = Transition

Some make more sense than others, but don't worry. I'll explain...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And so we begin...2010...

I have been keeping a journal since around 1996...and one of my most favorite things to do is to pick out a new journal for the new year. Way back when, I actually used to fill up each and every journal before starting a new one. Back at the end of 2007, I decided to just pick a new journal each year...especially since I collect them and have many journals yet to fill. That doesn't seem to stop me from buying more. I guess like a purse, you just can't have enough of them.

For fun, I posted a picture of a few potential journals that I could use in 2010 on Facebook. I wanted to see if any of my friends would pick a favorite. So far, the winner is the red and black one - the second one from the left. It will be good to crack it open and write the first few words. There is something thrilling about starting a new journal. You never know what is going to fill the pages. It is exciting. I could have never predicted all that was going to happen in 2009, much like I can't for 2010. My hope is that the pages are filled with fun and balance and perspective. There will be more to life in 2010 than just work....

Another Throwback...

This song is one of my favorites...who doesn't want a simple life?

Friday, January 1, 2010

She's Gone to the Movies...

In sitting back and thinking about how crazy 2009 was, I have been trying to think of a few things to remember in 2010 as I try to focus more on balance. There was a great song by Semisonic back in the 90' was called "Gone to the Movies". A great line from the song occurred to was along the lines of the fact that the movies was "the only place she would go to lose herself." It resonnated. When you are at the movies, it really does provide a good escape. Not as good as a rock show (as long as you don't answer your cell phone) but a way to refocus your mind. It is a way to get some balance. The past week provided several escapes, which included the following:

* Sherlock Holmes
* The Hangover
* 17 Again
* Management
* Dance Flick
* All About Steve

Plus, movies do provide good research for writing. I'm all about the analysis...the peaks and lows. Every story does flow in that rising action with complications, the peak, and then the denouement that follows. I guess one of the items on my list for 2010 will be to go to the movies on a regular basis and watch them via DVD and DirecTV of course. :)

This has been another installment of Operation Getting Your Shit Together (OGYST).