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Friday, January 1, 2010

She's Gone to the Movies...

In sitting back and thinking about how crazy 2009 was, I have been trying to think of a few things to remember in 2010 as I try to focus more on balance. There was a great song by Semisonic back in the 90' was called "Gone to the Movies". A great line from the song occurred to was along the lines of the fact that the movies was "the only place she would go to lose herself." It resonnated. When you are at the movies, it really does provide a good escape. Not as good as a rock show (as long as you don't answer your cell phone) but a way to refocus your mind. It is a way to get some balance. The past week provided several escapes, which included the following:

* Sherlock Holmes
* The Hangover
* 17 Again
* Management
* Dance Flick
* All About Steve

Plus, movies do provide good research for writing. I'm all about the analysis...the peaks and lows. Every story does flow in that rising action with complications, the peak, and then the denouement that follows. I guess one of the items on my list for 2010 will be to go to the movies on a regular basis and watch them via DVD and DirecTV of course. :)

This has been another installment of Operation Getting Your Shit Together (OGYST).

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