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Monday, May 12, 2014

No Distractions...

New Goals...New Gym Bag...
Did I ever tell you about the time I almost signed up for another marathon…but then stopped myself?  I stopped myself not because of my ankle issue, but because I realized I was about to sabotage my own goals.  When you train for a long distance…you put in time, focus, and you make sacrifices.  I decided that I was not going to do that for a second year in a row.  I want to have fun on a whim.  I want to enjoy Friday nights.  I want to go to camp.  I need to finish what I started back in August 2011.  Doing another marathon would have thrown me off course from my initial set of fitness goals for 2014.

My Fitness Goals for 2014:

*  Complete an Indoor Tri [Done – March 23, 2014]
*  Go to a Cycling Class [Done – May 2, 2014…and will go to more!!]
*  10K Steps a Day
*  Attend (and Complete) an Adult Soccer Clinic
*  Do Unassisted Pull-ups (five...let's say five of them)
*  Get to Goal Weight

I think this is a good list.  There are a few things to take me out of my comfort zone.  For an introvert…that cycling class took more gumption then you would think.  The soccer clinic feels even more challenging then the marathon…considering the fact that I have never played soccer…never played on any kind of team…do not take direction well…but I’m sure I have kicked a soccer ball…maybe? This activity may be my greatest feat yet.  And believe me…I’m not just doing this because I know I have to get special shoes.  I think I will be a better spectator and fan.  I think it will be good to be a part of a team.  I think it will good to do something that frightens me greatly.  You learn great things outside of the comfort zone.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Dose of Reality…

My pretend pancreas...

So…the thing about Type 1 Diabetes is…it is not trivial.  I have spent almost 27 years trivializing it and I don’t want to pay a price for that.  I don’t keep it a secret.  I’m totally fine with people knowing I have it.  But the question is, do I accept that I have it?  Really accept it?  I wonder sometimes.  I am lucky.  I have an intuition.  I trust it.  I meander through my day knowing (based on how I feel) whether my blood sugar is high or low.  I check it in the morning and then go about my day…never checking it again.  I did a marathon without checking it once.  I always figure out a work around.  It always seems easier.  I can’t keep doing this.  It should not be easy.  It is not trivial.

I am really, really lucky…in my almost 27 year relationship with my non-working pancreas…I have had very little complications.  My eyes have had a few laser zaps to preserve my vision.  I see my Retinologist two times a year to keep tabs on things.  It is all about preservation…things never get better with your vision…but you can keep them from getting worse.  This has been the only complication…until I went on vacation.

It was an amazing vacation.  I think it was the first real vacation I have had since I started working the summer after my Junior Year of High School.  It was so good, I forgot that I got a blister just above my right ankle from an amazing pair of Sandals.  Two days later…it started to hurt…I looked down…it wasn’t pretty.  I went to the Doctor at the Resort the next morning.  I got a prescription for a topical medicine.  I never went in the ocean again.  I just had a bad feeling.  It didn’t get any better.  19 days pass.  I am worried.  I go to my podiatrist…he has to use a scalpel to stir the healing process.  I feel worse…then feel better.  I go back in a week…he has to use a scalpel to stir the healing process.  Are you sensing a pattern?  Like anything…wound healing is a process…this will probably go on for a few more weeks. 

I know things happen for a reason.  I know that things happen when you need them too.  I know that I can’t let this slip by without recognizing the fact that I have been lucky…but luck runs out.  I know this happened because of my Type 1 Diabetes…my podiatrist confirmed it yesterday…after giving me massive kudos for my pain tolerance.  This is a lesson.  Whether I am in paradise, at the gym, at work, at a soccer game…no matter where I am and what I am doing…I can’t forget that I have Type 1 Diabetes.  It is not trivial.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Indoor Tri...I did it!!

Oh So Serious on the Bike...
I am late with my event reporting...but I did indeed complete the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri on March 23.  The event was really well run...even with the fire alarm.  Yes...there was a fire alarm about 20 minutes before my wave was to start.  The fire truck arrived (and yes there were cute firemen!!).  I was so glad my wave time changed...otherwise...I would have been swimming or on the bikes when it happened.  I was supposed to go first thing in the AM...but there was a husband and wife who wanted to be in the same I switched with them.  I love it when events run glitches or was like the fire alarm didn't even happen.

The Swim
I got to the pool nice and early and could swim a bit before and watch the wave ahead of me.  I also figured out how to put the swim cap on...have never worn one of those before.  A super serious swimmer was warming up too.  A watch and all.  It is our start time...two sisters are in the other lane.  I'm sharing with the serious swimmer.  We start.  He is fast...doesn't knock me...I know this guy is training for things way bigger then this.  I'm moseying along doing my breaststroke...head above water...I don't even know how many lengths I got.  I was having fun...being slow and at my measured pace and trying to stay out of the way of the serious contender.

The Bike
The transition goes easily...I got to the bikes in plenty of time.  I needed to get fitted because the bikes were different than the ones I was training on.  I'm next to swim lane partner.  He is hard core.  We get to biking.  The music is good.  I'm into it.  I love it when the sweat drips off and onto the bike...I view it as evidence of hard work.  #61 is killing it.  Lots of pictures are taken. Everyone is curious about #61...his speed...his distance...he appears to be famous at this Gym.  Before I know it...the 30 minutes up and it is time for the run.

The Run
Looks like I'm a speed demon...but I'm not...and that is okay...

#61 is one of the guys to watch...people are continue to constantly check in on him and snapping his picture.  So yes...there were way more pictures of myself that I really didn't need to see.  #61 picks a treadmill.  I pick one next to him...and on the aisle...I like to be on the aisle for some reason.  They tell him the fastest run so far is 3.11 miles.  He is unsure.  I'm got this. You can totally do it.  And then I laugh and funny is it that the fastest and slowest ended up together.  We are back in race mode and in the zone.  The run starts.  I'm plugging was great.  I got up to 4.7 mph by the end.  My goal was to run the entire 20 minutes...and I did.  No walking.  It was glorious.
 In the After
What I loved most about the event is that being slow didn't are still part of the action and celebration.  I have never experienced that before.  I'm always the end...the race is over and shut down by the time I come in.  For this event...that wasn't the case.  I was just as worthy as everyone else.  That was a first!!  It was great to me in the middle of things...with everyone at their own level...working hard. case your were curious...#61 did win the event.  And in 2015...I'm giving strong consideration to doing more than one of these Indoor in Fairfax, one in Columbia, one in Sterling, and one in Springfield.  It was that much train for...and complete.

My first fitness goal of 2014...Done!!