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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Toy for Joy...

A funny thing happened on my way to buy a CD at Best Buy, I ended up getting a new netbook. A tiny little laptop in a fabulous shade of red...just in time for NanoWrimo. It all started when I was reading a book that one of my work friends gave me about writing spaces.

I have a good writing space, so much so that I have been leaving my laptop there in hopes of just sitting down at my writing desk to write whenever I want. Problem is pain to unhook all the things when I want to take it on the road or to another location in the house. I liked the idea of having something raring to go and stationary. The book was talking about all kinds of strategies for creating and protecting your writing space. It really resonated. It made me think about getting another smaller laptop that I could use outside of my writing space. I swear...I'm not justifying my recent purchase...well...maybe I am...just a little bit. ;)

It also talked about something important that I hadn't ever really thought about before. The things that you will never do, occassionaly do, and always do in your writing space. I thought I would share the list with you.

Things I will not do in my writing space:

* Office Work

Things I will occassionaly do in my writing space:

* Email
* Facebook

Things I will always do in my writing space:

* Writing
* Blogging
* Planning and Plotting
* Researching

It made me feel good to finally declare my writing space as just that. As only that. And now...there will be a cute pink laptop ready for me to create on...whenever I desire in my writing space. This feels really good.

NanoWrimo Preparation...

Hours away now from embarking upon a new noveling journey and I am so freaking excited!! I have not done any planning so I really don't know what is going to happen at the stroke of midnight tonight. That is what I love the most. I'll be at my writing desk with my writing totems around me and all will be right with the world. My happy place...with a pink cocktail perhaps. ;)

Thought I would share a list of some of things I have been doing this afternoon to prepare:

* Charging my old ipod nano

* Charging my newer ipod nano

* Downloading some new writing tunes - Kid Cudi, Death by Sunrise, Pete Yorn, Owl City, and some dance/electronic remixes to keep the rave going. I'm so ecletic.

* Doing some research on PTAs

* Thinking of character names - Ruby, Twyla, Cricket. Still no names for the boy hero character I am dreaming up. There will be two...of course...but only one will win. Did I mention that one of them was inspired by Chester of Lincoln Park (and lead singer of Death by Sunrise)?

* Dusting the Knight of Armor that is on my writing desk. Well Duh...every goofy, hopeless romantic writer needs one of those.

* Writing down some thoughts in my cute Owl is my NanoWrimo 09 think zone.

* Wondering if this will be the year that I write one of my favorite lines that I have been carrying around in my head for years - "I fell in love with the wrong boy from Ohio..."

It is funny how I think of October 31 as the day before NanoWrimo and not Halloween. Can't wait to get started...seriously...I am so amped!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 13 - Novel Writing Here I Come!!!

I am in need of an escape and there is no escape better than writing. It is perfect timing that November is right around the corner...and that means...National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) will be in full swing. I can't wait to feel the excitement as I open up my laptop to a blank word document on Sunday at 12AM and see where things go. For today's Thursday 13, I thought I would write about the 13 things I am excited about as the NanoWrimo 2009 journey begins.

1) Adding the word count gadget to my blog.

2) Seeing how much more fun it will be to report my word counts not only on my blog but in Facebook Status Updates too.

3) Getting together with my writing friends on a Friday for some writing and chatting and maybe some food and then more writing.

4) Keeping my work friends entertained with my word count increases and worries about whether or not I will finish. Each year they just roll their eyes... ;)

5) Knowing what it feels like to win five years in a row.

6) Seeing if I can do more than the required 50,000 words and if I can do more than the 80,000 words I did last november. Is 100,000 words in a month too much to shoot for?

7) Write-Ins!!!! Getting some good quality time with MPB and Vix and we do sprints and things...and eat Panera goodies....ummm....and coffee too!!!

8) Hopefully reaching 50,000 with NanoWrimo Buddies at Panera like last year. It was such an amazing feeling...and did I mention that it happened on November 15? Only half way through the month? See #6 above.

9) Seeing how my story will take unexpected turns because my characters will take over and I will no longer be in control. (That is the true writer's high by the way)

10) Late nights at my writing desk...with a lovely cocktail by my side and my writing totem near by.

11) My writing totem...My Precious!!! My cute pink twilly Hermes scarf!!!

12) Wearing NanoWrimo Tee-Shirts for the first time ever...I got two this year.

13) Printing and Bindering my completed 2009 NanoWrimo Novel and putting it into a Vera Bradley binder. I am behind...I haven't printed or bindered my 2008 novel yet.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Song to Match My Mood...

This weekend has been one of thinking about things. I haven't really stopped to do that much. I haven't had the time. I think I am closing in on something...and this song seems to be the anthem.

Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
Clouds got in my way

I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way that you feel
As every fairy tale comes real
I've looked at love that way

But now it's just another show
And you leave 'em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let them know
Don't give yourself away

I've looked at love from both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
It's love's illusions I recall
I really don't know love
Really don't know love at all

Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say "I love you" right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I've looked at life that way

Oh but now old friends they're acting strange
And they shake their heads
And they tell me that I've changed
Well something's lost but something's gained
In living every day

I've looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life
I really don't know life at all

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 13 - Why I am Stalling

My Thursday 13 this week is a listing of the reasons why I am stalling on a pesky writing chore I need to do for work. I have been doing so since last Wednesday. I decided to do this list because I am in fact stalling right now.

1. I had a really bad cold and needed to get some sleep…even needed to take a day off work. I never do that…I was that sick!!

2. I needed to go shopping with my Vera Friends on Sunday.

3. I ended up working on another work related thing this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

4. I was admiring the fact that the leaves are changing and the view from my office is breathtaking. Seriously…

5. I had to review 22 reports this week that were due by cob Wednesday…I got them at 5:30pm on Tuesday.

6. I needed to organize a bunch of papers to prepare briefings for the bosses “book”…they were needed for Thursday…so I had to do them on Tuesday evening. That way they are ready the night before for review before Thursday.

7. It was more fun to think about what to wear for the AFI/Paramore show I am going to on Friday night. I’m thinking my black and pink chucks are a most.

8. There are some really funny shows on Wednesday Night…The Middle is like my new favorite (…favorite…). Brick is my hero!!! It was more important to watch TV and fall asleep.

9. Since November 1 is fast approaching, it is important that I begin to think about the names of my hero girl (I am thinking Ruby) and my hero boy (I am thinking Oliver). Names are so crucial…

10. My watch stopped working and I am trying to pick a new one from one of my favorite websites. They have all kinds of cool things to accessorize your medical alert medallions. I so wish they had these when I was a younger diavista.

11. The latest I can get this writing task done is over the weekend…so technically…I could stretch this out some more.

12. My sister got me a copy of Where the Wild Things Are…and I had to read it. I am so going to have to see the movie. I had totally forgotten that one of my other childhood favorites Pierre was also written by Maurice Sendak.

13. I am just not feeling it yet…and I can’t write until I feel it.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Santa...

I may not have been the best girl all year but in all honesty it has been years since I have really, really, really wanted something for Christmas. Well...there is something that I really, really, really want for Christmas...

Scratch that...I really, really, really need these Ugg Boots. So...if Santa doesn't bring them...they may just need to be my reward for finishing NanoWrimo 09. Not that I need a reward as motivation. The glory of passing the 50,000 word count for what will be my fifth year is reward enough.

So...if Christmas doesn't work out...there is always my birthday. ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Vera Girls...Take Tyson's!!

So the Vera Girls met up for a lovely late morning/early afternoon shopping trip to Tyson's Corner...we all knew that we needed to experience our first ever trip to a Vera Bradley Signature Store together. In fact, we did not go in until our entire party arrived...which worked out well because I was frantically sending emails to the boss who was giving a talk today. (Insert Thank You to my sister for manning my blackberry while I was driving...) I love my Vera Friends...and I was so glad that we could find time to get together. We are such enablers and we really had a blast. And is not like we get together and go crazy all the time. :)

I have been in pursuit of the perfect purse to go with my awesome work tote. If you want to know how awesome it here. I found my perfect bag today...from the Vera Frill Collection. The "So Over It" tote in Symphony in looks positively smashing with my work tote. And I do realize that I am using a tote as a purse...but with all the diavista supplies I have to carry around - glucose monitor, calculator, insulin pens, alcohol swabs, life savers, and other life sustaining things...I need a big purse. And I need a cute wallet to match too. Have I mentioned how hard I have been working?? Sometimes even on weekends???

What I love the best is not so much the Vera Addiction...but it is where the muses of shopping take us afterwards. You didn't think we just shopped for Vera did you?? Silly Silly...we just go where the shopping gods guide us. Here is a chronicle of our journey...

Note - I have only noted my purchases...I don't shop and tell on my friends. ;)

Vera Bradley Store - We entered with glee surrounded by lots and lots of Vera. Oh the pretty colors and shapes. I purchased the above mentioned items plus some cute gift tags, an eyeglass case (symphony in hue), six placemats and six napkins (symphony in hue).

Hallmark - I really wanted a binder so when we passed a Hallmark store that sold Vera Bradley too...I had to go in to see if they had any binders. They did so I got one (blue rhapsody). The Vera Store did not have any this was okay. Not insane at all. Please don't judge. I needed a new binder to file all of my 2009 medical stuff. Remember...I am being a much more responsible Type 1 Diabetic (aka Diavista) so again this was a very necessary purchase.

Cakelove - We looked but did not touch. Besides...we were not willing to go that far to the darkside. We were shopping and needed to stay light on our feet.

Lego - A whole store dedicated to Legos. Who knew? I got so many ideas for Camp Fantastic's Hot Spot in 2010. We will need a lego table...with girls and boys projects. OMG...I hope I get asked back!!! My wheels were turning big time!!!

Fornash - This store was a swirly girl's dream...purses, jewlery, headbands, scarves, ribbons and all kinds of fun things. I was able to find two really cute scarves...a black/white/grey plaid and a red/black/yellow plaid. I resisted all other temptation...but may have to go back again. See...they had these purses that you could design yourself with all kinds of different fabric swatches and ribbons to chose from.

Disney Store - I am not a big disney fan...but my sister when I saw this cute little Tink fleecy blanket...well...I had to get it for her. And then there was this Tink Mug...and then...I exited after making my two purchases. Mostly because there was a moment when I considered buying a tiara for myself...and that would have been...well...crazy.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 13 - Home Sick List

So I am home sick today...and really need to be getting back to sleep. As I closed out of my work email...I realized something. It is Thursday!!! And I haven't done a list in a few why not crank out one before I retreat to my comfy bed and bury myself beneath the covers. Score!!!

Here is a list of things to do when you are home from work because you are sick - -

1) Hit the snooze alarm a few times because it makes you feel better.

2) Smear on some Vick's because you don't need to put any make-up on.

3) Keep the news on so that you can hear how yucky the weather is and feel better just knowing that you do not have to deal with it.

4) Drink two cups of coffee while looking over the newspaper...because you never have time to do that on other mornings.

5) Think of NanoWrimo 2009 ideas...I think this is the year for my "I knew my prom date would someday be president" idea.

6) Try not to feel guilty for not being at work...even though you are sick and should be at home resting.

7) Work on a Thursday 13 List...especially since you have not done one since the beginning of September. For shame...

8) Fix your newly designed blog so that you can get back "Home" in an easy way. It has been driving me crazy...and I finally took some time this AM to fix it. ;)

9) Watch Soap Operas...if you happen to be awake in the afternoon...

10) Avoid the urge to write out a "to do" list of everything you need to do at work tomorrow since you are not there today.

11) Crank the volume on your ipod and play all the songs that make you feel warm and cozy.

12) Try to avoid checking your blackberry every five minutes in case you are missing something.

13) Sleep...all day long...sleep...glorious...sleep!!!

Well...maybe this is just my list!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have Merch...Will Participate...

So I have just made a few NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) purchases...some stickers and two tee-shirts!! I am so excited...November is my favorite month of the year. It is the one time of year where writing is my number one priority and I become one with my laptop on a crazy regular basis. I am so freaking excited...

I can also get my writing totem cutely pink Hermes Silk Twilly. I adore it...much like I adore my pink laptop. Are you sensing a theme here??? Swoon...I love NanoWrimo!! Swoon...I love writing novels!!! Even if they just sit upon a shelf never to be touched least until I retire someday. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do these count??

So in anticipation of going a bit Vera Crazy this upcoming weekend, I was trying to think back over some recent splurges. The good news is...there really haven't been any. I mean does a 2010 agenda, pencils, binder clips, and a pen count? Really?? I need those for work. They are essential elements for being able to get things done. My job is important to me and whatever I need to continue to get things done...well that is mission critical right? Right??

It is not like I bought a purse or tote or anything...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get your "How" on...

Okay...first much?? How sad that I haven't updated in so long...two weeks. That is just plain irresponsible...erhm...laziness.

Finally...after way too many years...I made it back to a camp weekend with Special Love. Getting my "How" on was just what I needed to take the edge off of what has been quite a stressful time workwise. There is something magical about the connection between people who share a common experience and passion...cancer let's kick it's ass by having fun!! It was just what I needed to fuel me at just keep plugging along. To feel lucky that I can work in a place that combats the one thing I truly hate. I am honored to fight the fight...even though I am not a scientist or doctor or nurse or some other amazing professional that cares for patients.

In tribute to my love of lists (i.e. current laziness in writing), here are a few goals that I had for the weekend - -

1) Learning to Straw Fart. All you need is a bendy straw. Can't wait to impress those friends truly worthy with my new party trick. Genius...absolutely genius.

2) Making Good Coffee for Volunteer Staff. In the process of meeting this goal I learned how to percolate coffee with a crazy 60 cup urn...and not cause any injury or harm to others while doing so. For the girl with no kitchen skills it was a challenge. Extra perk(ha ha...get it...perk??) was getting some half&half and randomly picking some other flavorings which really were a hit. I was so happy!!

3) Catching up with Campers. By far the best part of a camp weekend vs. camp is being able to interact not only with campers but with their families too. So much fun. So much love. So much strength. Amazing.

4) Staff Fun. Did not disappoint...sometimes it is fun to revert back to being twelve. Constant laughter cures all that ails you. I even learned about some new strategies I can use at work when feeling intimidated.

5) Singing in the Parade. With the drum beat given the rhythm...there is nothing better than singing loud and strong. And the rain was held at bay...

6) Campfire. I so missed it this year and really needed to stare into the flames for some perspective. It may have been October...but it is never to late.

7) Singing One Voice. Can never get through it without crying...but it is okay. Someone is always right there to support you. You are not alone.