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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Things...

So as my insulin levels get notched down a bit more...after 24 years...I finally know that I figured some things out in terms of dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. I do not use words like manage or control...because that just makes you feel like a failure when things go awry. And things will go awry...but that is part of the process...the key (like with anything) to just keep working hard and move along. You have to just deal and keep going.

Since September I have been in what I have now deemed Type 1 Diabetes Dragon Slaying mode. The work I have been putting in is starting to many ways. My blood sugar, my physical form, my efficiency, my outlook but most important of sparkle. It is back...and in some ways it feels like an entirely new kind of the me I knew I could be is finally taking shape. It is is me...but better.

I am five months in and I am still at it...this has been longest span of time that I have consistently worked hard at something...other than my job. There really is no secret...but there are two key small moments that keep me driven. Two simple things really - - a smile and some telling you that they believe in you. You shouldn't underestimate the power of each of those things...they can be transforming. So, if you ever feel like doing either of those should go for it. You never know what will happen as a result.