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Saturday, February 17, 2018


There is an app for that...for streaks.  I remember numerous joywalking adventures with my friend Molli where we would postulate about how great it would be to have an app to help motivate you by tracking how many times a day/week/month you do something.  And now...there is something.  Above all else it has helped me to do something that I should do multiple times a day but do not.  Check my blood sugar.  Somehow, someway...this little app that let's me do streaks for whatever I want - checking blood sugar at least three times a day, going to the gym, taking a lunch break, vacuuming the steps, swiffering the floors, taking a walk, and doing something twice a week to be socially active (not shown) - is getting me healthier.  I am checking my blood sugar more than just once a day.  This is huge.  Knowledge is power.  When you know what your blood sugar is, you can actually manage it.  After 30 years, I have finally found something that motivates me to not be afraid to know my number all day long.  Plus, I am taking time to each lunch each day and doing all the other things that I want to do.  Doing the things that matter...

Thursday, February 8, 2018

That one last knock on the head...

Early on a Monday morning...ready to head out before 5:30am...heading to the gym...then deciding to head to work early to get things done...and then maybe go to the gym at work...deicing your car...taking the trash out...then a recycle bin in each hand...then...your feet fly up in front of you...the recycle bins fly...and a fall back...head hitting the driveway.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something one...last...time.  Slow it down. Perhaps your best bet is to turn off your car...head back inside the house...and just stay home.  And so I did.  It was one last knock on the head.  I felt nauseous.  I felt lucky.  I started thinking about what could have happened if not for my tiny little ponytail at the back of my head that helped to buffer my fall.  I iced. I slept. I ignored work emails.  I curled in all ball to sleep to stretch my neck...which I had remembered as a trick for whiplash from my car accident in the summer.  I took a day.  The world went on.  Things could wait.  I could wait.  I iced. I slept.  I felt empowered.  It was a moment...a moment that I could decide once and for all to change.  That one last knock on the head to know that the things that matter start within. A mild set things right.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere...

Maybe this happens to everyone...but I swear the same rabbit follows me everywhere I go...there is a bunny who always gives me the side eye in my backyard...and there is one when I am in Cape May.  I swear...the bunny found me when I was in San Diego.  Or maybe it is just because I am paying more attention that I seem to notice them.  Either way...rabbit sightings have become a thing.  So I knew a few months back when I saw that a new pub like place was opening called White Rabbit Gastropub I was going to have to make my way there. just have a feeling. 

You can learn a lot about a place when you are out and about on your own.  There are lots of things that go into the evaluation of whether or not you will go back again...the beer selection is important...the vibe of the place...the music playing...but above all is about the people.  In the spirit of doing the things I want to do, regardless of whether or not I have someone to do them with, I have become quite comfortable walking into places on my own.  It gets easier and I do find that there are a few things make it less traumatic for my introverted I am not always the strange girl at the bar scribbling into her notebook.  Talking about music, soccer, and/or beer are ways that I do actually initiate conversations...but it does take people around you who aim to be inclusive. 

Such was the case on my solo beer adventure this past Tuesday to White Rabbit Gastropub...after finally finding the rabbit hole...I was instantly at home.  I found my way to the second level bar...picked a stool...and had a fun night of good beer and conversation.  I was instantly pulled into the chatter happening around the bar and never once felt awkward or out of place.  It was all so easy...and clear that you find the places that you are meant to find.  Plus, they let me keep a you know...since I love to write...this was a thing.  

I'm going to keep following my hunches and enjoy the rabbit holes I decide to wander down...I'm definitely on the road to somewhere...and for once...I'm not going to rush...I'm just going to enjoy the breadcrumbs that are leading me forward to the things that matter.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Things That Matter...

I believe in signs and omens...I believe that you are not handed anything that you can't handle...I believe that you should trust the process...I believe that you should do what you love...I believe that I needed a good swift kick to remember all of these things.  We all have moments when you feel a little bit lost...but the key is not to dwell there to long.  You have to remember the things that matter.  The things that matter to you...and then all else will work its way out.  I know the things that matter to in my heart and for miles...staring at trees and/or water...dates with Gym...and travel.  These are the things I need to consume myself with...not my job.  My job is the thing that allows me to enjoy all the things that matter.  I had briefly forgotten.

I was watching my favorite local band (19th Street Band) talk about and then sing their song
"The Things That Matter" and it hit me...I'm not really doing all of the things that matter to me.  It took some time to work it through...many scribbles in my journal...a few beers...some music...random epiphany inspiring conversations at my local watering hole...then a decision to put all fears aside...and just do all the things.  So, I am.  I'm going to make time for all the things...and in doing so...I'll have endless fodder for the one thing I love to do the most...write. 

Beer:  Off the Rook - RAR
Music:  I Want to Be Here - Neko Case (Case/Lang/Veirs)