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Monday, October 31, 2016

Twas the Night before NanoWrimo... (Word Count = 0)

So, maybe I won't write a novel in November...but my goal is to write every day.  A story a day.  A story a day that I will post on my blog.  It is something to get my writing going.  That is the point of National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) get the words out.  I need to get back to my writing...with some form of consistency.  I don't know what I will write about.  I'm hoping that each short story over the next 30 days will have some common thread to it.  My hope is to let a song inspire me each day to write a story.  Perhaps even a baby sized beer every now and again too.  I have a plan.  Each morning during my 4 miles...I'll pick a song or ask for song recommendations the evening before.  Then I will spend the my hour on the treadmill plotting and maybe making some notes.  Then...after work...maybe with a baby beer and maybe without...I'll put fingers to keys or pen to paper...and write!!  WRITE!!  I can't wait.  It will feel so good to get my creatives going.  A story a day...for 30 days.  This year I am a Nano Rebel...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just be...

I always look to the trees for answers...I used to just look to my tree...the one that has watched me grow since I was eight.  The thing is, there are trees everywhere and each is worthy of answer seeking.  You can't be afraid to switch things up. Look for different trees.  Change your perspective.  Let the energy move you. Trust it.  Flow with it.  Grow with it.  What you need. What you want.  What you have.  Where you need to be.  You shall be... 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

In that sacred space...

No matter how many years pass, in a split second, you can get pulled back into that space.  Sometimes you go spur it on with a song or going to places once visited.  Sometimes you find it on the wind while watching the sunrise.  Sometimes you are sitting in a pub, watching soccer, and you overhear a conversation between siblings about their parent.  How to manage their care.  How to rearrange the furniture.  How to convert the downstairs bathroom to include railings.  How to add an extra railing in the stairwell.  How to add a ramp to the garage steps.  It all came rushing back during the time of year where it all still lingers.

Something happens in this space of time from late November until mid March...there is this thing that travels overhead and settles around.  Every year I think I am strong enough to not let it weigh into my being.  It is this sacred space that I shared with my Mom and Sister when we were caring for someone who was dying.  There was no time for wallowing.  There was no time for regret.  There was only time to be fully present and ready for whatever the next moment brought.  It was hard.  It was scary.  It was not without tears.  It was beautiful.

There was a moment last night when I stood by the water and I could feel it all.  The ebb and flow of everything.  The energy.  The sky was strewn with color.  Everyone we needed was around.  We toast.  We live.  We love.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8: The last normal week?

Half Marathon with Friends!!
Week 8 of 20 is in the books.  My required long miles were extended by one so that my friends and I could do a half marathon on Saturday. It was the perfect day for it...and my motivation was undoing everything at the pub later while watching soccer.  I got to the gym every morning and did my 4 miles without fail.  This may be the last week that I will make that least the getting to the gym part.  It wasn't until today when I was re-reading my surgery forms that I realized, I am probably going to have to improvise on my morning routine.  I may not be able to get to the gym, but I will figure out how to still get my miles.  I'm starting to think about other washing my hair and driving.  Do I really know what I am in for?  Can you really ever know before you really get there?  I have decided to keep rolling with it...take each thing as it comes...and keep moving forward.  Try not to think too far down the road.  Go moment to moment.  You life the way you always matter what you have to face.

Week 8 Data

Total Week 8 Steps:  117,530
Total Week 8 Miles:  52.61

Total Overall Training Steps:  852,141
Total Overall Training Miles:  375.72