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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 1 - My Own Little Marathon

A funny thing happened week before last while on an epic walk with my friend MPB...I had a genius idea.  Actually, walking with MPB is always insightful and many a genius idea has been had while on either a short or long trek.  She is one of those people who helps me with my life on a regular basis. On our last adventure, I got to talking about how we should aim to get to 13 miles on one of our jaunts.  And then I got to know...I really love walking...and maybe...just maybe...I have another 26.2 miles in me.  So I decided that I would walk 26.2 miles after the first of the year...January 2, 2016 to be exact. I love winter.  I love walking.  I love January.  So why not?

I dusted off my marathon training plan...which is 20 weeks long...and last week started week 1.  I'm really only using the plan for the Saturday long walks...which progress from 5 miles to 20 miles.  I have a good solid plan for the week days...I get my 4 miles in every morning before I even get to work.  Saturdays will be for long distances.  Sundays...I can rest.  This is totally doable.

Week 1 Data

Total Week 1 Steps:  84,476
Total Week 1 Miles:  36.66

Total Overall Training Steps:  84,476
Total Overall Training Miles:  36.66

Ready, Steady, Go...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cape May Musing...

Early Morning.  Thunderstorms Rolling.  Windows Open.  Oceans Churning.  Raindrops Falling.  World Turning.

Pen and Paper.  Everything I need.  Just listening to the ocean.  I always wanted a simple kind of life.

A long line made up of spectacular tiny moments of pure joy.  Those split seconds where your heart is so happy.  They are real.  They carry you through.

The more you let the feeling in the more these moments string together.

It is when you stop counting that you realize every second is that moment.

                                                                                        - Cape May -
                                                                                         July 27, 2015