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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I miss my Grandma even though I am easing back into life. Her smiling face. Her spunk and style. Her great sense of humor. Taking her places to do fun things. Yesterday as I walked around Brookside Gardens for the first time...this after having wanted to do so for about 10 years...I wished that I had thought to take Grandma. She would have loved it...there were great wheelchair accessible pathways. It was so peaceful. It was so beautiful. She loved being outside with trees and flowers. I felt bad for not thinking to do it before. As I walked, feeling inept the wind picked up and kissed my face. It was clear...Grandma was walking with me.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flipped for Flip Flops...

Have I ever mentioned my flip flop addiction before? I'm sure I have...especially Vera Bradley ones. They are so cute and fun. I had already purchased a few for the season and darn if Vera Bradley didn't come out with some more. Curses!!! Is it okay for me to get a few more pairs...if I promise to not get any more purses? For the summer season? But don't make me promise to not get the matching beach towels too. They are so pretty and I know that I am really, really going to need them for the summer. I really do have a problem don't I?