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Sunday, November 30, 2008

And so the site is closed.... (Word Count = 81,006)

I was pushing to get 81K before bedtime...but I missed the boat on entering it into the NanoWrimo site. I am so glad that I did not wait till the last moment to post. I would be freaking out. As of 11:30pm tonight...the validator was shut down. My IT brain hopes that it is so that other people who have not received their purple bars have a fair shot at it. It would not be fair for those of us who have already finished to clog up the system for others who haven't. Could their web application be that smart??

It is with sadness that I post my last nanowrimo 08 post. It is bittersweet. But that does not mean that I have stopped writing...or that I will stop posting. It just means that all posts from now on will be labeled with something that better defines what I am working on. I'll leave that creative endeavor for tomorrow...perhaps while I am getting my coffee in the cafeteria at work in the early AM. I will need it because I should have been in bed long ago...but will turn in now.

Fairwell NanoWrimo 08. You were wonderfully unique as past years have been. You taught me. You irked me. You challenged me. You mocked me. You moved me. You gave me a reason to hammer out another novel and for the first four has finally stuck. This one will stretch beyond November. Please continue to pop by to share in the journey...I am so going to finish this time!!!

MolliB's Buddies!!!!

MolliB's buddy list has gone all purple and it is a beautiful thing. It is a testament to the I-270 Corridor NanoWrimo Warriors and their able leader Vix. I have to say, the high points of this year were going to a few write-ins and meeting other Wrimos. Even more amazing has then been following their progress through stalking MolliB's Writing Buddy List. Here is a picture...see what I mean? This is one amazing group of NanoWrimos!!! Congrats to all!!!!

My Blog as a Wordle???

To see a sharper image, please visit the Wordle Site. This lovely picture was created there - - Link to Wordle Pixie at the Wordle Site

You can create one of your own too!!!

I did it!!! (Word Count = 80,122)

I will hopefully finish Chapter 9 tonight and then I think I am at the halfway point. Although, I know that things will be trimmed a bit in my revision phase because some of those "get your numbers up" sections tend to ramble a bit. I am very excited that I have been able to continue on past the 50K mark and now my only fear is that without the NanoWrimo Word Count check-ins I will lose momentum. I need to make sure that does not happen. That can not happen!!! Lolly's story must be finished. And then revised. And then shared with my writing friends.

I am off to Whole Foods to scrounge up some dinner...and then I hope that I can finish up Chapter 9.

My Reward....if I get to 80K today...

My reward to myself if I get to 80K today is that I get to pick a new blog layout and color scheme. Right now I need to sleep. Home Sweet Home!!! I'm exhausted...but I will write, write, write...before I unpack for sure. Need some sleep. Stay Tuned...

PS - Since I bought Vera Bradley last weekend...that could not be my reward. But if I was more talented...I could probably design a Vera Bradley Blog. ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What...Me Worry?? (Word Count = 77,162)

So I was freaking out earlier...but now all is well. I think the quiet helped as I caught a good wind and somehow managed to barf out 6K words today. About 4K of those were in the last couple of hours Pretty Cool!!! But the greatest thing is that my sister got to 50K tonight...and has won her very first NanoWrimo!!! I am so proud of her because as of this time last week she had just hussled to 20K. Isn't that awesome?? She is so freaking talented...and I'm glad that she stuck it out. And...since she validated, I validated too...even though my goal was 80K. I will hit that tomorrow for sure. But for now...check this out - -

So Slow.... (Word Count = 73,170)

This is the slowest day ever. I have had the laptop open and have been sitting here watching TV and Movies. Only 2K words so far. I feel like a NanoWrimo Failure today...UGH!!! It makes me really wonder if I have set the bar too high this time. 80K by tomorrow? I am really worried that I am not going to get there. One of the things that has been different this year is that I need quiet to get the words out. In years past, I have been able to pound out the words no matter the surroundings. This year is not like that at all. Here's to hopefully finding some quiet later on to get more words.

I'm close to declaring that I should get my purple bar when I reach 75K. That would give me the extra motivation I need to keep going. I am freaking out about the 80K now. So freaked is like the words can't come out fast. This never happens...what the heck is going on?

Do NanoWrimo and Movie Watching Go Together??

We are settling down to a double feature - Made of Honor and Baby Mama. Made of Honor is first...seems like an appropriate choice since I am attempting to write a Chick Lit novel. I say attempt because there are some moments that are much too serious but than again, I can always go back and lighten them up a bit. I think. We will see what happens...but that whole thing will be dealt with later. In December and early January if everything goes according to plan.

For now...I shall delve into Chapter 9. ;)

Even with the Venti Coffee... (Word Count = 71,030)

I am so tired my bones hurt. It is crazy. I did not get as much done as I wanted and I am a bit surprised at how the huge coffee I have been drinking does not seem to be helping me to keep my eyes open and my mind brimming with wonderful things to type. I am happy to report that I finished Chapter 8 and did a few lines of the first scene of Chapter 9. Fun stuff will be happening in Chapter 9 so it should be an easy going writing kind of day tomorrow. :)

My laptop and I will go into sleep mode now. Nite Nite!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Here We Go!!!

Okay...going to go on a coffee run with Sis and then I will settle in for a late night, early AM writing session. I am ready to go I think and am getting excited to see how much I get done before I go to sleep (which I am assuming will be in the early, early AM). I must get to 70K...that is a must. After that...we will see. Here is to a nice hot venti coffee of the day to fuel some good wordage. I have a few thoughts on what kinds of interesting things Lolly will be up to. I'm thinking she may have a bit of fun...and by fun I mean...ahem....well you can probably guess. :)

Update: Have Coffee...Will Write!! Let the fun begin!!!

Perfect Desk Accessory...

Lolly Friar would so have a paper weight just like this one on her desk. Is it not the coolest thing you have ever seen? One of the things I love best about Lolly is that she is totally on the ball and doesn't miss a beat...but in terms of anything not work or family related she is a total spaz. This is part of the problem I have been running into. She is serious and flighty. Chick Lit stories are not serious. So, I guess I need to change her? Could I pull off something that is a mix? But that is not true to the genre...

Well, I guess I can sort that out after the first draft is done. I want her to be unique but I don't want people to yawn over her and get bored. I hope I can figure this all out. I must figure this all out. I owe it to Lolly to give her a nice clean space to live and breath and fail and succeed. I will not let laziness take hold. I will not just set her upon the shelf and let her waste away in a cute Vera Bradley binder. This time will be different. This time must be different. But...I am still afraid. Of what, I have no idea.

Tis My Season...

I was getting some coffee this AM and Christmas songs were playing in the background...then it hit is my time of year. It is the season of JOY!!! So many lovely things with my name written on them...I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Well I love it now. But when I was younger I really hated my name because in school anytime we sang a song that had "Joy" in it...the kids would all point to me. I was VERY SHY. Well...I'm still an introverted sort of JOY...and I found the whole thing to be quite mortifying.

I still have flashbacks that go something like this. Cue the music in your minds folks...

"Joy..." (entire class point to Joy...who is in the back row because she is tall and affectionately known to her family as 'moose')"to the World...."

"I've got the Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl)down in my heart..."

If I could have slinked away under a table somewhere I would have believed me. Instead I had to stand there, being pointed at, wishing that I could just
disappear. Curses!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

TIme for Bed!! (Word Count = 68,144)

Going to sleep...I did not make my goal today but that is okay. I did a respectable amount of words and I know that I will get lots more tomorrow. Especially if my sister and I have another late night, early AM writing session assisted by Starbucks!!! I can't wait!!! I have to go to work tomorrow...but maybe I will be able to take a lunch hour so that I can write a bit. What a concept???

Till tomorrow....

Good Day So Far...(Word Count = 67,102)

Plenty of time left for hanging with the family and getting more words. I have 3K words since waking up this AM which is pretty good considering that includes time for hanging with family, eating, napping, watching TV and not freaking out because all the music disappeared from my ipod. :)

This has been a year of new traditions and it was comforting that when being seated for Thanksgiving earlier today, we were seated at a great table with chairs and a booth that was set for five people. This is the first Thanksgiving where we were only four...but there was a spot for GP. And I could feel him there. A year ago tomorrow will be when everything was winding down to the ending. Time matter what it seems.

Forgot to Mention....

In the wee hours of this morning, I forgot to mention that I finished Chapter 6 and since Chapter 7 was written weekend before last...that means I jump right along to Chapter 8. I wonder what is going to happen? I spent some time just now looking through my brainstormed list of scenes that I barfed out in late October. I hadn't looked at them in a while. I was kind of going off of memory...which works just fine. I marked off those (by changing them to Red Font) that I had written about and there is plenty to go. There are also little touches that I will need to go back and weave through. But that is what my editing time will be about. I have those things written I do not need to worry about forgetting them.

I'm going to go back to sleep...but maybe I will get in another 1K before doing so. Hmm....wonder if I can do it??? Also, I want to post another excerpt but I can't decide what to post. Hmm...

UPDATE: 65K. Sleep beckons again...

Need Sleep (Word Count = 64,062)

Well that was a productive session...just about 4K words. ;) I am very sleepy so I must hit the rack. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Here is to fun with family, good food, and lots of good writing.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have Venti Coffee....Will Write!! (Word Count = 61,058)

Well Thanksgiving has begun and I am already having lots of fun with the family. I got a slow one hour 1K words while hanging out with everyone, but am hoping to punch out some more before bed time. The night is young!!! Just got some Starbucks (Sister is the Best!!!) and right now I am in perfect vacation mode. :)

And what is my ideal vacation mode? Vera Bradley Lounge Pants, Comfy Sweatshirt, Laptop, Coffee, Comfy Chair, Feet Up, Snacks, and Peaceful Quiet. :) Well except for the clicking of keyboard keys and maybe some itunes.

Thinking about Characters...

I have been thinking most about a character who recently came into a clearer view. I even have a nickname for him now - "JP". JP wears old school addias - Gazelles to be exact. The blue kind of course...because how cute do they look with scrubs? Very cute in deed. As I was driving home last night, I was enjoying the Beastie Boys...XM was playing Root Down. I had not listened to them in a while. In thinking about occurred to me that JP would be insanely into the Beasties. So...just like that...he came into view this weekend during my 10,000 word craziness...and now he has a nickname, a trademark kind of sneaks, and a favorite band.

This particular character has morphed a my original book planning I thought he would be older...but now...I think he will be in his 30's. And well...he has really pretty blue eyes. And...hmmm...I can't give everything away!! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Word Count Widget Guru....

Thanks to MPB for totally telling me the right way to fix my word count widgets for my new goal. Drum Roll Please....I am now shooting to write 80K...yes dears...that is right...80K before the end of November. I can handle that. And in some kind of poetic sense...that is exactly how many words my sister has to do as well. Now...we can like totally get this done together!!! :)

Monday, Monday...

So Monday's seem to be the day that I don't manage to inch up my word count. I'm okay with that...I am very excited to get some words down tonight. I have lots to do, but I will figure out a way to get in some "Lolly Time" too. There are LOTS of exciting things coming up ahead for her...and I am raring to go.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how different this year in NanoWrimo has been. How I am thinking about my novel in terms of pieces and shifting them around. It feels so good to have a list of scenes linked to Chapters. It feels so good to have a record of my daily output. It feels so good knowing that I am going to finish a first draft and release it from my hands to willing readers. I know I am going to do it this time. I know there is a lot of work to do before that point...but I have a plan.

And speaking of that plan...let's recap and see how I am doing?

? Create an Outline - I have a list of scenes...does that count?
* Break Outline into Chapters - with rising action noted
X Create an Excel Spreadsheet to track word counts and chapter sections - DONE!!!
X Write 60,000 words in November - DONE!!
* Spend the next two weeks in December plugging away to finish a full draft before Christmas
* Revise in January with a few touch-ups
* Share First Draft with Writing Group by my birthday - January 13

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was pacing for.... (Word Count = 60,013)

Well, I did what I did not think I was going to be able to do...and it is not 1am in the morning!!! I can't believe that my goal for this month was 60K and I have already reached it. I did 10K words this weekend!!! Can you believe it?? I am so excited. I was a bit worried that after I hit 50K my old behaviors were going to take hold and I was just going to stop. But I haven't. If anything I am even more charged about my novel. I have never written this much before...EVER. I am well over 130 pages. I am marching forward looking forward to all that is coming down the pike for Lolly Friar. I will definitely sleep well tonight!!!

Woah... (Word Count = 58,090)

I may actually hit my NanoWrimo goal tonight...I was pacing to do 60K and I may just hit that tonight. Leaving six more days to make progress towards a new goal...hmm...maybe 80K is not out of the question???

PS- Diet Mountain Dew has me very jumpy and hyper.

PSS - I have been readjusting some scenes within chapters and I am happy to report that I really am done with Chapter 5 and now just have two scenes to do for Chapter 6. Chapter 7 is already tomorrow may bring about Chapter 8.

PSSS - Okay...I need to get back to writing. Just 2K to go!!!

Going Vera Crazy.... (Word Count = 56.068)

I just banged out another I'm just now settling back into doing another. Would be so cool to get to 60K today...but I am not sure I can do it. In other fun news, I did make some Vera Bradley purchases...

Here is journal entry on them. Check it out - - Link to My Journal Entry on Night Owl Purchases

Actually, I could just blame this purchase on needing to do Lolly Friar research. I mean...she is addicted to Vera you know...I needed to be sure I really understood what that is like. is not like I have that experience already...ahem. ;) Besides, back in October I had noted that Lolly was going to need to go shopping to make herself better and that is something on my list for writing today. See...I just needed to remind myself of what it feels like to shop for Vera and to buy it as well.

Catch Up... (Word Count = 55,049)

So in NanoWrimo life, lots of things fall by the wayside. Laundry. Making your bed. Putting clothes away. Filing of papers of things. Things were so disorganized in my bedroom that I had to take time to just straighten things out. Piles of work clothes on my lovely reading lounger (which of course I rarely if ever use) and my unmade bed and my desk/table was covered with things to file and receipts and magazines and who knows what. I keep all my writing things on my writing desk to help separate paper NanoWrimo in the paper sense was not the excuse for the excess clutter. Well...I woke up this morning to a stuffy I took time to just put stuff away and file. Wow!!! How lovely my sleep space is now!!

And then...I sat down to write and get myself to 54K before heading out for a bit of afternoon fun...Vera Bradley Shopping, Coffee and Scribbling in my NanoWrimo Notebook, and then looking for a nice pot to put one of my work plants in at the office. I will of course get some more words when I get home...but I am ahead of the game for today. I'm at 55K already!!! *Happy Dance*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tapped Out... (Word Count = 53,042)

I think I am ready to close the laptop down for the evening. I just typed a bit so that I could get to 53K before falling asleep. It was a very productive day and I got a bunch of words done today thanks to the write-in. I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can get done tomorrow. It would be so cool to get to 60K, but that might be a bit too ambitious. Especially thinking about how tired I am at this moment. If I were to close my eyes right now, I would totally fall asleep. Seriously...I am fading so fast!!

Today was a most excellent writing day!!

Live From Panera (Word Count = 52,777)

So much fun we are having at Panera Bread...with all these lovely NanoWrimos gathered in one location we look quite spiffy with our laptops and banter and word wars. Word Wars are the Very Best Things!!! It is a quick way to let your competitive spirits guide your word count higher than you thought you could go. Most of ours today have been 10 minutes long or "10 minutes" long. Here is how I did...

Word War #1 - 506 Words
Word War #2 - 529 Words (I actually beat MPB on this one...and this one got me to 50K too!!)
Word War #3 - 468 Words
Word War #4 - 556 Words
Word War #5 - 511 Words
Word War #6 - 961 Words (this would be one of those "10 minute" rounds)

Well...let's see how many more words I can get. I'm feeling like I need a break...but you never know. I also need to fix my word count widgets and readjust my goals. What to pick, what to pick...75K or should I be bold and pick 80K??? We shall see....

Look, Look, Look!!! GREEN BAR!!!! (Word Count =50,268)

I just did it...I got my pretty green bar!!! It is lovely!!! Look, Look, Look!!!!

Thanks to all of my fellow NanoWrimos who cheered when I reached the big milestone. How freaking awesome is that??? So perfect!!! And now...on to finishing Chapter Five...for the first time ever...I am hitting 50K and then continuing on. Freaking Awesome!! Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!

Savoring... (Word Count = 49,047)

I'm stopping on the edge of 50K because as I sit here in the early AM I can't help but think of where I was when I hit 50K last year. I was on the edge of a life altering experience and I could feel it coming on. I just could not sit here and get to 50K all by myself. It hurts too much. I was not expecting this. I guess in someways it is good that I did not get there at the write-in last night...I would have burst into tears. No one needs to see that.

I wrote earlier about a poem that I wrote on just sort of flowed out like flooding waters. I couldn't stop it. I was at work and it just sort of fell out of my fingertips. I have never been much of a person for poetry...but I have been reading a lot of Linda Pastan lately. I love her stuff...I will have to post some at some point. She has this amazing ability to put words to feelings that have no one word to describe. I guess that is the point of poetry.

I always shied away from it because of a traumatic high school experience where I was just horridly wrong at interpreting poems and it was all sort of traumatizing. Plus I had gone from creative writing teachers who were so encouraging about my writing to someone who just didn't like my stuff. Anyway...I wonder what grade I would have received for the below. Without further dithering of words and emotions...

The Wispy Wallows

The wispy wallows used to follow but now they wrap around
Before I worried about them coming
Now I bask in their surrounding

The wispy wallows used to follow but now they wrap around
Before I quaked in fear of disappointing
Now I relish in the failing

The wispy wallows used to follow but now they wrap around
Before I wished in hope for change
Now I see value in the struggle

The wispy wallows used to follow but now they wrap around
I savor the remembering...

Quick Update (Word Count = 48,106)

Did I just write 2K words in one hour? Yes. Yes I did. The early still young. Let's keep this thing flowing for a bit a longer, go nanowrimo magic go!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

On your Mark...Get Set...NanoWRIMO!!!!!

So my journey to get to 50K is starting now...let's see how it goes. I am going to turn off all access to the outside see how much I can push along. A NanoWrimo day ends before you go to in my mind...I have hours ahead of me!!

I'll be back when I have something to report!! Stay tuned!!

Getting Closer....(Word Count = 46,097)

I so can't wait to get my green bar...I have met my week quota and exceeded my daily quota. Even though it was slow going tonight, I got 3K words. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I am just 4K words away from the green bar so I will have to work extra hard to be sure that I get it before midnight tomorrow. I may have to cut off all access to the world to do so...but it will be worth it. Until tomorrow....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get it Happening...Come On!!!

I was at Panera tonight for about an hour and a half...and all I got was an additional 1078 words. Hmph...not the amazing word craziness that I was hoping for. I wanted to get to 45K but I did not. Here is my lame list as to why:

1) I had a hang nail on my space bar thumb - seriously it was freaking annoying.

2) There were these teenage girls gabbing about stuff and it was soooo distracting. I know that all teens have issues...but all I could think about was Chass and Joel and I got even more pissed. Seriously, I wished the girls had my High School Chemistry Teacher Mr. Link, every Friday he would give a speech on living your life and volunteering and just generally working hard to not be an asshole. All I could think was...if you have nothing to do...VOLUNTEER and get some perspective. Everyone has tough stuff in their DEAL.

Sorry for the ranting but I was sooo annoyed.

The saving grace??? MolliB and the other Wrimos. Especially MolliB because we were chatting about all kinds of things and Vera Bradley too. It was great.

So in summary - -

* hang nails and whiney teens annoying.
* conversing with MolliB priceless.

Now...let's see how much I can write in the next few hours. I'm feeling something magical could happen. Hmmm...we shall see!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work Brain Ignored (Word Count = 43,013)

So obviously my work brain was kicked to the curb and my creative brain was like...."GET ME TO THE LAPTOP NOW!!!" I only did about 2K words...but it adds up over time. I'm thinking that I will not be able to get to 50K at Panera but I definitely should by Friday. How exciting...and then I will still have well over a week to add even more words. Hopefully Thanksgiving will help...I am working...but things should be slower than usual...which means when I get home I will not be exhausted. I'm glad that I wrote tonight...I will just get to work early to practice my presentation.

And my treat to get me through the day will be heading to Panera for an hour or so tomorrow after work. Fingers crossed that I can get there early!! Hope Hope!!

Will I get to Nano Tonight??

I am giving a presentation tomorrow I feel like I should be preparing for that. Work Brain is making Creative Brain feel guilty. I so want to get some words in. I so want to get to 50K while at Panera tomorrow. To do that, I will need to do some words tonight.

Plus..I wrote a poem today. I may post it when I have finished editing it. It is not chick lit...but swirly girly girls can be deep and insightful too....right?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Woot Woot!!! (Word Count = 41,138)

I exceeded the challenge by a few hundred words so I can sleep with no guilt!!! I had a productive work day. I had a productive NanoWrimo Day. Now...I must go to sleep!!!

Tuesday Challenge - 2685 Words or Bust!!!

I am home from work and raring to go...on a work night!!! Here is what I did to get to this very moment...

* I did not go to a Happy Hour with people I truly adore...after promising to go.

* I left my draft presentation at work...I don't have to give it until I can totally just practice tomorrow.

* I left work only one hour later than I should have.

* I listened to music REALLY loud on the way stir the Muses. RUBY SOHO!!!!

* I am going to turn off all internet so as not to distract myself...well...maybe.

* I have on Vera PJ Pants...comfy!!!

I so needed this challenge. I'm freaking choppin' at the bit to get over 40K tonight. WOOHOO!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goal Met!! Sunday 4K Challenge (Word Count = 38,116)

I did 4053K today so I met the Sunday 4K hopefully I did my part for Maryland today. I'm way ahead of where I thought I would be by the end of the weekend so that is good! Let's hope that this week I will be able to do some writing each night...I have to get to 45K to stay on pace to get to 60K by the end of the month. Part of me would really love to get to 50K by the end of this week. That would be so cool. We shall see.

I think I am done for tonight though...I need to rest my wrist a bit. It has had quite a workout this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing how much I can get done this week. Hmmm...50K by the 21st. That would be something.

Time for Another Nap!! (Word Count = 37,262)

I just have 1K more to do before meeting the writing challenge goal for today...but I think I might take a bit of nap for a bit. I have laundry to do...but I am feeling the need for a nap more!! Then I can settle back in for the evening and write some more. I finally finished Chapter Six which was my out of order chapter. I will now get back into Chapter Four once I get up from my nap. Nite Nite!!

The Sunday 4K Challenge!!

So I have decided to participate in the Sunday 4K Challenge today...I thought that might help to keep me moving along today instead of napping. I just did 1K so I just have 3K more to my part for Maryland!! Woohoo!!!

That is much better... (Word Count = 34,063)

I am feeling so much better. I am now back to just one document and I figured out that what I had been working on since Thursday would be Chapter 6. And I am almost done with it. Perhaps I will finish that up tomorrow morning before getting back to Chapter 4. The work I did at the Write-In today was on Chapter 4 and that should be easy to pick up after I finish Chapter 6. I already know the scenes that I want to accomplish so I can just create along those lines.

I am getting very sleepy so I am going to turn in soon. I did quite a lot from about 11:30pm to just a few moments ago. I'm glad that I was able to get another 1K in. I was hoping to get to 35K by bedtime...but 34K is just fine with me. Every little bit helps right? And I am above my pace amount so it is all good. :) I kind of like that my organizational craziness is melding with my writing now. I am actually now preferring a pre-meditated kind of writing as opposed to the haphazard ways of NanoWrimos past. Woah!! My NanoWrimo 08 Project Plan is back on track...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Live from Panera (Word Count = 33,074)

I have been here at Panera for about two hours and have barfed out about 2K words which added to some work I did earlier today took me to 33K. Not too bad. And I was able to get my sister to that made it even more fun!!! Hopefully next week we can get here earlier and have more time to get our numbers happening...especially before Thanksgiving. Although, I know we will be writing then too. Perhaps with cocktails in hand...that makes it even more fun!! Hmm....wonder if I should do that this evening too???

I have to admit that I am a bit anxious because I have about three documents going at the moment and am feeling like I really want to merge things. I am also a bit uncomfortable about how I have been writing without a plan since Thursday. I know...did I just write that? The unplanned writer is now out of sorts from a lack of a plan. I think this is a good sign. I think it shows that I am totally committed to this project and that I am going to see it through to an end well after NanoWrimo is over. Well hopefully by mid December at the latest. This year has to be the year.

Time for Bed!! (Word Count = 30,118)

I met my week goal!!! I am officially at the halfway point...on pace for 60K by the end of the month. I had lots of fun writing the two major pieces I was working on starting at the Write-In on Thursday until now. I have just a bit more work to do on those and then I can get back on track and start Chapter 4. I liked the diversion of jumping ahead...not sure where these pieces will be placed...but there is a home for them in a future Chapter. Of that I am sure.

I am so tired. I must turn in now. It was a very good writing day. :)

PS - Happy Birthday GP. I miss you...but I know you are smiling down and probably rolling your eyes. ;) I love you!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Design and an Excerpt!!

So obviously I have been having fun jazzing up my blogspot..and not adding to my word cout. The night is still young!!

And now for a quick snip-it of Lolly at work...I hope you enjoy the following excerpt. Now...I need to get back to adding more words. Must hit 30K before hitting the rack.

“Could you not do that?”

“What?” I turned my head so that my ponytail waved in the air to him. He was so good looking.

“That. The ponytail thing. I’m holding the future of little lives in my hands and I can’t concentrate. In fact, I can not even remember how it was I ended up here.”

“You are here to see my boss so be good.” I was wondering if I was blushing. If I was it would have given away what I am sure he had already figured out. He was so deliciously good looking that I wished he could be mine. I could not ever remember feeling that way about a boy…or rather a man before. I wanted to own him.

I got up from my desk to and poked my head into Natalia’s office, “Dr. Roe Sturgeon is here for his 2:15.”

“I’ll be right with him.” She looked up to me from her computer. “Have you two gone out yet?”

If I had not been blushing before I knew I was now. “No and that is not appropriate. I mean he works here and that could get complicated.”

“What do I always say?”

“Work hard. Play hard.” My heart was beating faster at the thought of playing hard with him.

“I swear, if I made that part of your performance review you would have no choice but to get out there and find a boyfriend. I think you two would be very cute together.”

“Stop. This is a place of business and we must work hard while here.”

“True…but you can plan your play or at least find the company.”

“You are impossible.” And she was. Natalia was always giving me pep talks on how best to find a boyfriend or at the very least someone to have a bit of fun with. She could not comprehend how it was that I did not have anyone in my life. It was funny how I knew every aspect of her life inside and out…even when it was time to renew her birth control prescription. Yet, she knew nothing of my own. Which reminds me, it is time for me to renew it for her so I jotted it on my notepad while walking back to my desk.

Get it Happening...(Word Count = 29,070)

So I had a great 2K word gain during the two hours I had this AM with my writing friends Ellen and Lisa. Then I had to go to work for a meeting. Then I jotted some words down at Hamburger Hamlet because I treated myself to lunch...well it was 3:30pm...but gave me time to jot down some words. So, now I have to get 1K more to make my weekly goal. And then...well...we will see if I have any words left in me. My limiting factor at this point is that my wrist is acting up (I have a bizzaro cyst thingy that gets cranky when I type alot or hold heavy bags with my left hand) so I have my brace on. It is so not sexy!! But it it will slow my typing down a bit. I will press on. I'm excited to have a few hours tonight and perhaps early this AM too. I am almost at the halfway point!!

PS - My brace is actually for my left wrist...and not the right. In case you were curious. ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Very First Write-In (Word Count = 27,220)

Even though I could only stay about an hour, I went to my very first NanoWrimo Write-In. I did about 1K in just under an hour and did another 1K in the past hour or so. I was not much of a conversationalist because I was trying very hard to get 1K words...but it was so much fun to see MPB (aka NanoWrimo Superhero) and the other folks there. Hopefully I can go again on Saturday. Saturday is an important I am hoping that some writing time will help to make it through without any tears.

I am getting kind of sleepy so I am probably going to turn in soon. For the first time during NanoWrimo 08 I wrote out of order. A scene idea hit me as I was driving to Panera for something that is meant to happen much later. I decided to go with it since it was fresh in my mind and that gave me something to dive right into as soon as I bought some coffee.

Happy NanoWrimo!!! Even though I had a busy day at work and a meeting rescheduling kept me from leaving as early as I had planned...I still figured out a way to get in some words. was a good NanoWrimo Day!!

PS - I am really looking forward to having several hours of writing time tomorrow with my writing friends!! Last time I wrote with them I was very worried about planning and writing and filled with self doubt about NanoWrimo 2008. And now...I am in the thick of it!!

Interminglings of Life...

So it seems to me that writing on weeknights after work is a challenge this go around, as yesterday passed by with no words. I will do some today. I have a few ideas for what I want to write I am hoping to work on that tonight. As I was jotting down some thoughts that had popped into my head while I was getting my lunch in the cafeteria earlier, brussell sprouts helped perk up my writing brain.

I know...strange. But strange is good. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have no shame when it comes to fueling the old writing muse. I soak up things all the time that help me write. The brussell sprouts helped to figure out that I really needed to take some time to write about Lolly. How you ask? Because I needed to think about whether or not Lolly likes brussell sprouts.

That of course led to other brainstorming...and suddenly without planning it Lolly got herself a nickname. It was totally random but it totally fits. I described Lolly as spunky. And then that spurred a childhood memory in thinking about one of Grandpa's favorite musical artists Bob James. GP was a total music fanatic with really diverse tastes. One of my favorite albums that Grandpa used to play was Bob James' Hand's Down Album. And the first track on that album was called Spunky.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goal Met!!! (Word Count = 25,164)

There you have goal was met!! Several things are making me happy at this moment and here is a short note about them.

1) I finished Chapter 3 and I was quite happy where things ended up. I was thinking that one thing was going to happen and then something else did. The cool thing is that when I went back to look at my scene list...I had noted what I thought would happen and what did happen as potential happenings. I love it when that happens.

2) I got 25K words before bedtime which means I have to only write 5K more to meet my week #2 goal. That is sooo doable.

3) My initial brainstorming of chapter names to keep me motivated and to keep me plotting along are working with how the story is going. It is writing kismet!!

4) Lolly is showing two sides which is totally unexpected. I wonder if reader's will notice too? Well now that I have spilled the beans...doh!!

5) The songs that came up randomly in Itunes worked so well with things I was writing. So much so...I got a bit misty-eyed when writing them. That is my favorite part of writing.

I am at a good stopping point because I now need to think about what I want to have happen in Chapter 4. Hmm...that seems like the perfect thing to do on the elliptical machine tomorrow AM. I am on a total NanoWrimo please celebrate with me!!! :)

Getting Close to My Daily Goal (Word Count = 24,080)

I am only 1K away from my daily goal today. I wanted to get to 25K before bedtime and unless I fall asleep between now and then there is a good chance that I will make it. It is only just before I can so handle this. I am so on it. ;)

An Excerpt...

I finally took a moment to post and excerpt on the NanoWrimo I thought I would here too. Enter Stage Right...Lolly Friar!!

“Gotta Go!” I quickly hung up the phone because I hear her footsteps coming down the hall. Those quick short steps with purpose scuffing more than clacking, she dragged her heels along a bit as she walked. I was grateful for the distinctive cadence which clued me into her arrival. Although, I could usually sense when she was getting close, somehow the ding of the elevator sounded different when she was arriving. Natalia Warrick was about to start another day and I was ready for her.

For the past six years, I have been her right hand. Come to think of it, I was the left hand and perhaps a main artery as well. Of all of her past assistants I had lasted the longest and the word she frequently used to describe me on performance appraisals was simple and to the point. Perfect. It was hard to live up to during each and every moment of the day but I was used to it. The fear of living up to that expectation and the weight of never knowing for sure if it would last was much like my other most important relationship. My granddaddy had the very same expectations which kept me on my toes the other twelve hours of the day. I’ll explain more about that later.

The steps got closer and my heart rate increased, the nervousness of what the day would bring had not ever left me. No complacency or comfort was found in regularity with Natalia, there was no such thing. I pulled my crisp pink blouse straight and put on my smile. If I was smiling and seemed stressless, then she would be too.

Some More Handwritten Notes (Word Count = 21,656)

I am really starting to like the whole writing things by hand then typing them in. I am almost done with Scene Two of Chapter Three and realizing that my chapters are much longer this go around. I'm hoping that by being conscientious of what is going into each chapter at the end of this journey I will really have something closely resembling a book.

This is a very different experience...I know I sound like a broken record on this...but it is true. There will need to be a lot of work on this of course but it would be great to really have a completed 'first draft' to play around with. I need to keep plugging along. A day off today should help burst the number count a bit for a weekday. Seriously...if it were not for the weekend...I don't think I would ever get any word count at all. Hopefully the rest of this week will be a bit more sane at work so that I can have energy to write in the evenings. We shall see...

PS - My NanoWrimo Magic Notebook is Vera Bradley in Medallion. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hand Written Notes (Word Count = 20,319)

I am actually going to turn in soon so that I can get up really early tomorrow morning and get into work. Long day with lots going on and I want to be sure to be well rested. For the first time this November, I took out my NanoWrimo notebook and wrote out four pages this afternoon that I then typed up. It ended up being about 1,177 words which is pretty cool. Now I know that if I fill up four pages, that is about 1K words. Very helpful to know. I also added a few things in as I typed them up. That is the fun part about using hand written notes. I had a very productive weekend...on all fronts. And...I have a holiday on that means a bit more words too hopefully. I think I am flowing along the word path nicely.

Just Another NanoWrimo Saturday Night (Word Count = 18,051)

In under two hours I just charged through my first scene of Chapter 3 and took a bite out of the second scene. I had been thinking about how I was going to start Chapter 3 off and it hit me around 11:30 pm or so. So I grabbed my laptop, a drink (thanks sister!!) and my writing totems and headed downstairs to my writing space. Oh yes...I have two writing totems silk twilly (scarf) and a cute Webkinz Fishy who I named Trilly. She is so cute!!!

We sat down and cranked out 3,000 words in less then 2 hours. The Nano forces were with me for sure. Hopefully I can get a few words down tomorrow to push the rock up over the hill into the 20K arena. That would be fantastic!!!

Until the next time...I need to go to sleep. ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slow and Steady.... (Word Count = 15,109)

A few hours late, but I did manage to get to my weekly quota on pacing to have over 60K words by the end of the month. I think the reason I think I am doing so poorly this year is because I am writing very deliberately. This is new for me. I'm not just writing amuck this time. I'm thinking through scenes and my chapters. I have finished Chapter Two...there were a few parts that I wanted to beef up or add a tad of flashback to add a bit more backstory. Look at me...putting some thought behind what I am writing. It feels good. I am happy.

It is a bit slower going...but my word count at this point isn't suffering. The only tough parts are when I am too tired to write at night after work. Hopefully next week I will do better. But in the meantime, I have the weekend to really rack up some numbers. Here is hoping that I can get to 20K before the end of the weekend. Hope Hope!!!

Work Happens... (Word Count =14,080)

And your number shows no movement for a day. I pushed myself past 14,000 last night before going to dinner. I was so exhausted last night, that I went to sleep. But I am up bright and early let me try to get some go again!! I am feeling very behind...I worked non-stop Thursday through Friday. Let me just say...this time yesterday...I was already at work. I was writing. Sometimes I would love for my work writing word counts to count towards NanoWrimo. I feel like the month is slipping away and that I am going to fizzle out. I know this is silly because my word count now is higher then it has been at this point in Novembers past. Okay...I need to get back to Lolly.

In a meeting yesterday, I did have an idea for Lolly. I love it when that happens. It will not happen till later...but I have noted it on my "scene ideas". And..the good news is...on this early Saturday morning...I am going to be starting Chapter 3!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need Sleep (Word Count = 13,504)

I was hoping to get to 14,000 before I went to bed but I am too tired to hit the keys. Is that not sad? I am turning in. All in was a good day off. Given that I had all day, I didn't write as much as I could have...but I was just moving so slow today and in between things I had to get done...time just sort of frittered away. Good News dentist said my teeth were perfect. How great is that? I, unlike most, love going to the dentist. It is always a good report...and that makes me very happy.

Daily Quota Met!!! (Word Count = 12,705)

I have exceeded my daily quota anything else I write today is gravy. My quotas were set to get to 60K by the end of November and I am well on my way. I'm not much of a spreadsheet goddess...but the whole idea of pacing I learned from MolliB. She is a NanoWrimo Superstar...and inspired me to create my own spreadsheet to track things. I am really tracking things this year (daily word counts, a to do list, scene list, character goal list) and feel uber organized to boot. What a concept?? My type A personality is totally engaged...and yet...I still feel a bit like a flighty writer. This is my idea of perfection.

Now...I shall take another short nap before I head to the dentist. :)

A Day Off (Word Count = 12,054)

I love a day off. This is the first NanoWrimo where I planned in a few days off in advance to write. Well two exactly...and one of them will require me to go into work for a meeting...but I have vowed to get right back to writing as soon as it is over. So far today has been a perfect kind of day. I went to bed earlier this AM at around 1:15AM. I woke up around 6 am. Took some insulin. Had some coffee. Had some toast. And wrote 1,000 words before I would allow myself to go back to sleep. Ahh...sleep. I woke up with the guilt that I had put off my date with the elliptical trainer earlier in the morning. So, I vowed to get another 2,000 words before going to exercise. Well...I have met my off I go to the elliptical trainer with my ipod in hand. You never know what fun scenes I am going to dream up.

I am in Scene Three of Chapter Two...and will probably be heading on to Chapter Three when I sit down to have some lunch. Wonder how many words I will get before I head to the dentist later today? And do not notebook and magic pen will be coming along for the ride.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Word Count for Monday...

I did not add any words to my word count on Monday, but I have an excuse. My sister and I saw Henry Rollins at the Birchmere and it was so perfect. Henry is one of my very most favorite boys. I love his writing...and it always helps me to write from the male perspective.

He is also a muse of my mine. Come on, I write chick lit. You knew there had to be cute boys who help me along in my creating fun, witty, smart, sexy male characters. I have a few boy "types" that I tend to write about. The mighty Rollins is most definitely one of them. Come one has arms like him. He is 47 and they are still well formed!!! Oh yes...I love strong arms. And intense eyes. ;) *blush*

There were many clues in Henry's words last night that made me kind of excited about my story. I does listening to a punk icon relate to a nanowrimo chick lit adventure? It is simple. He was talking about certain elements that I am writing into my story. Like the importance of science and innovation and how everyone has things they are great at it. He talked about the person who does his travel...and how all he has to do his hold the phone to his head and his travel person just knows what to do and books it. That is sooooo Lolly!!! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Very Productive Weekend (Word Count = 10,007)

I am now a third of the way through Chapter 2 or rather I have flushed out two scenes. Lolly made some great strides this weekend and is now poking her head out into the world. I feel like I have settled in now to how this one is going to role along. Each NanoWrimo experience has its own personality and a particular mood. This one has waves. There are some heavy points and then there are some light points. My chapter headings are helping to remind me what I want to happen when and the scenes that fit naturally within each. I am very happy with my word count today...this is the first NanoWrimo when I am not so much worried about the word count. I'm most concerned with coming out on the end of November with something that I could really work with in the coming months. I want to finish a novel. Not just print it off at the end of November or December and have it sit on the shelf. I have big plans for my writing this time around. So is all in the implementation.

First Chapter Done (Word Count = 6,578)

So I am moving along a pretty smooth and stable pace and I just finished my first chapter. I'm feeling much more positive than yesterday as I'm starting to get a good feel for how things are going to progress. Plus, I am finding that the random fun of writing and discovering new things about your characters can still happen when you are trying to follow a pre-determined story line. I am kind of excited about this new development. It is giving me hope that at the end I might have something real that will be close to standing on it's own two legs. I know...I am only one chapter in and it is only the second day of NanoWrimo...but the fact that I am figuring out how to continue to meld both my left and right brain is spectacular. Let's see how much more I can do today.

Finally Getting in a Groove (Word Count = 4,020)

After a day filled with worries about my progress, I finally hit a good stride early this AM. I was distracted a bit by the TV tonight as I was watching the movie Auntie Mame. It also takes some time to warm up to the overall flow and cadence of a particular story. I'm getting there with Lolly now. I'm working on Chapter One still...the first scene is done and I have almost completed the second. In looking back through my NanoWrimo 07 live journal entries I was relieved to see that my total for Day One last year was about 1,600. So all in all...I think I am doing okay. I am going it a rest for the night and start back up tomorrow AM after my morning elliptical fun. I'm sure some good songs on my ipod will catapult me into that third scene in my first chapter. Not sure what it will be about yet...but I trust the process. It was a good first day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breaking the First Thousand (Word Count = 2,053)

As you will soon see, my word counts jump in the evenings and night. I am mostly a night writer. It was a busy lots done...but the evenings are for writing. My sacred time. Where the words flow out in endless streams of fun. I have to admit that these first two thousand words did not come as quickly as they have in the past. I think the planning is holding me back a bit. I was worried this would happen. I did a bit of brainstorming this evening and have come up with some chapter headings. This will help me to have a bit of a path to fill in. I'm also making a point to do better tracking of things this year. I'm keeping a spreadsheet of things "to do", scenes, and my daily word counts so that I can pace to have 90K - 100K by mid December. I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can write tonight...but first I need to get some dinner. Chinese Food...Yum!!!

Within the first hour...(Word Count = 745)

It is time for me to get a bit of sleep...but I was able to clock in a few words. It is strange to have somewhat of a plan in writing this time around. We will see how it goes...the jury is still out. ;)

Ready, Set, Go!!!

We are off and running as the NanoWrimo 08 experience begins...the nervous fluttering of butterflies fills me and I wonder if I can pull it off again for another year. I can't believe this will be my fourth year partcipating...and hopefully fourth year winning. I still remember when I joined the fun in 2005 after November had already started. I remembered reading about it in the Washington Post in 2004 and after seeing a brief blurb in Newsweek in 2005 I thought...what the heck...give it a go. And off I went...with one idea that I ended up killing and then started another brand new one. It was amazing...the most I had ever written.

My pencils are sharpened, my notebook opened, my laptop charged, my mind engaged, and my heart fluttering...all systems are go.