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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daily Quota Met!!! (Word Count = 12,705)

I have exceeded my daily quota anything else I write today is gravy. My quotas were set to get to 60K by the end of November and I am well on my way. I'm not much of a spreadsheet goddess...but the whole idea of pacing I learned from MolliB. She is a NanoWrimo Superstar...and inspired me to create my own spreadsheet to track things. I am really tracking things this year (daily word counts, a to do list, scene list, character goal list) and feel uber organized to boot. What a concept?? My type A personality is totally engaged...and yet...I still feel a bit like a flighty writer. This is my idea of perfection.

Now...I shall take another short nap before I head to the dentist. :)

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