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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally Getting in a Groove (Word Count = 4,020)

After a day filled with worries about my progress, I finally hit a good stride early this AM. I was distracted a bit by the TV tonight as I was watching the movie Auntie Mame. It also takes some time to warm up to the overall flow and cadence of a particular story. I'm getting there with Lolly now. I'm working on Chapter One still...the first scene is done and I have almost completed the second. In looking back through my NanoWrimo 07 live journal entries I was relieved to see that my total for Day One last year was about 1,600. So all in all...I think I am doing okay. I am going it a rest for the night and start back up tomorrow AM after my morning elliptical fun. I'm sure some good songs on my ipod will catapult me into that third scene in my first chapter. Not sure what it will be about yet...but I trust the process. It was a good first day.


MPB said...

YAY! Hey, 4,020 on the first day is on pace to 120,600 :)

MPB said...

I like Lolly's name, BTW. No bias because of what "Lolly" might rhyme with, of course :)