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Friday, November 28, 2008

Tis My Season...

I was getting some coffee this AM and Christmas songs were playing in the background...then it hit is my time of year. It is the season of JOY!!! So many lovely things with my name written on them...I love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Well I love it now. But when I was younger I really hated my name because in school anytime we sang a song that had "Joy" in it...the kids would all point to me. I was VERY SHY. Well...I'm still an introverted sort of JOY...and I found the whole thing to be quite mortifying.

I still have flashbacks that go something like this. Cue the music in your minds folks...

"Joy..." (entire class point to Joy...who is in the back row because she is tall and affectionately known to her family as 'moose')"to the World...."

"I've got the Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl), Joy (point to the shy girl)down in my heart..."

If I could have slinked away under a table somewhere I would have believed me. Instead I had to stand there, being pointed at, wishing that I could just
disappear. Curses!!!

1 comment:

sisu twenty-twenty said...

so true!!! i love that. it's the season of joy :)

and woah, the cupcakes looked really tastey mmmm