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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have Venti Coffee....Will Write!! (Word Count = 61,058)

Well Thanksgiving has begun and I am already having lots of fun with the family. I got a slow one hour 1K words while hanging out with everyone, but am hoping to punch out some more before bed time. The night is young!!! Just got some Starbucks (Sister is the Best!!!) and right now I am in perfect vacation mode. :)

And what is my ideal vacation mode? Vera Bradley Lounge Pants, Comfy Sweatshirt, Laptop, Coffee, Comfy Chair, Feet Up, Snacks, and Peaceful Quiet. :) Well except for the clicking of keyboard keys and maybe some itunes.

1 comment:

sisu twenty-twenty said...

i'm cold! i managed to get to 33k. bbrrr!