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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Design and an Excerpt!!

So obviously I have been having fun jazzing up my blogspot..and not adding to my word cout. The night is still young!!

And now for a quick snip-it of Lolly at work...I hope you enjoy the following excerpt. Now...I need to get back to adding more words. Must hit 30K before hitting the rack.

“Could you not do that?”

“What?” I turned my head so that my ponytail waved in the air to him. He was so good looking.

“That. The ponytail thing. I’m holding the future of little lives in my hands and I can’t concentrate. In fact, I can not even remember how it was I ended up here.”

“You are here to see my boss so be good.” I was wondering if I was blushing. If I was it would have given away what I am sure he had already figured out. He was so deliciously good looking that I wished he could be mine. I could not ever remember feeling that way about a boy…or rather a man before. I wanted to own him.

I got up from my desk to and poked my head into Natalia’s office, “Dr. Roe Sturgeon is here for his 2:15.”

“I’ll be right with him.” She looked up to me from her computer. “Have you two gone out yet?”

If I had not been blushing before I knew I was now. “No and that is not appropriate. I mean he works here and that could get complicated.”

“What do I always say?”

“Work hard. Play hard.” My heart was beating faster at the thought of playing hard with him.

“I swear, if I made that part of your performance review you would have no choice but to get out there and find a boyfriend. I think you two would be very cute together.”

“Stop. This is a place of business and we must work hard while here.”

“True…but you can plan your play or at least find the company.”

“You are impossible.” And she was. Natalia was always giving me pep talks on how best to find a boyfriend or at the very least someone to have a bit of fun with. She could not comprehend how it was that I did not have anyone in my life. It was funny how I knew every aspect of her life inside and out…even when it was time to renew her birth control prescription. Yet, she knew nothing of my own. Which reminds me, it is time for me to renew it for her so I jotted it on my notepad while walking back to my desk.


Ello said...

Oh hey, way cute!!!!! Love it!!!

Ok my word verification - NO LIE - is pighot!!!! How did blogger know its me?

Smittenly Written said...

Wow...that is pretty scary. That is great!!! :)

And thanks... :)

MPB said...

Mmmmmm a hot doctor. Very nice!!

Smittenly Written said...

You know it!!! :)