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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Woah... (Word Count = 58,090)

I may actually hit my NanoWrimo goal tonight...I was pacing to do 60K and I may just hit that tonight. Leaving six more days to make progress towards a new goal...hmm...maybe 80K is not out of the question???

PS- Diet Mountain Dew has me very jumpy and hyper.

PSS - I have been readjusting some scenes within chapters and I am happy to report that I really am done with Chapter 5 and now just have two scenes to do for Chapter 6. Chapter 7 is already tomorrow may bring about Chapter 8.

PSSS - Okay...I need to get back to writing. Just 2K to go!!!


MPB said...

Woohoo, 2k!! You are so all over 60k tonight =) That's awesome!!

MPB said...

I see it, I see it!!! YAY!!!!

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