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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work Happens... (Word Count =14,080)

And your number shows no movement for a day. I pushed myself past 14,000 last night before going to dinner. I was so exhausted last night, that I went to sleep. But I am up bright and early let me try to get some go again!! I am feeling very behind...I worked non-stop Thursday through Friday. Let me just say...this time yesterday...I was already at work. I was writing. Sometimes I would love for my work writing word counts to count towards NanoWrimo. I feel like the month is slipping away and that I am going to fizzle out. I know this is silly because my word count now is higher then it has been at this point in Novembers past. Okay...I need to get back to Lolly.

In a meeting yesterday, I did have an idea for Lolly. I love it when that happens. It will not happen till later...but I have noted it on my "scene ideas". And..the good news is...on this early Saturday morning...I am going to be starting Chapter 3!!

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