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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day Off (Word Count = 12,054)

I love a day off. This is the first NanoWrimo where I planned in a few days off in advance to write. Well two exactly...and one of them will require me to go into work for a meeting...but I have vowed to get right back to writing as soon as it is over. So far today has been a perfect kind of day. I went to bed earlier this AM at around 1:15AM. I woke up around 6 am. Took some insulin. Had some coffee. Had some toast. And wrote 1,000 words before I would allow myself to go back to sleep. Ahh...sleep. I woke up with the guilt that I had put off my date with the elliptical trainer earlier in the morning. So, I vowed to get another 2,000 words before going to exercise. Well...I have met my off I go to the elliptical trainer with my ipod in hand. You never know what fun scenes I am going to dream up.

I am in Scene Three of Chapter Two...and will probably be heading on to Chapter Three when I sit down to have some lunch. Wonder how many words I will get before I head to the dentist later today? And do not notebook and magic pen will be coming along for the ride.


MPB said...

I came to wish you a happy day off and am happy to see you posted an update =)

Hope you can get lots done!! As you know, I'm a huge believer in the day-off-for-writing =) Enjoy it! Hope the dentist doesn't take away too much time.


Smittenly Written said...

Thanks!!! :) Although...I feel a nap coming on. :) I have time...and then there is tonight too!!! :)

MPB said...

Hey, I figure if a nap means you'll be more productive later, it's totally worth it :)