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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will I get to Nano Tonight??

I am giving a presentation tomorrow I feel like I should be preparing for that. Work Brain is making Creative Brain feel guilty. I so want to get some words in. I so want to get to 50K while at Panera tomorrow. To do that, I will need to do some words tonight.

Plus..I wrote a poem today. I may post it when I have finished editing it. It is not chick lit...but swirly girly girls can be deep and insightful too....right?


MPB said...

Swirly girly girls can be anything they want to be!

(Does Lolly write poetry, too??? :)

sisu twenty-twenty said...

and how

Smittenly Written said...

MPB - - Tee Hee. Hmmm...I had not thought about it. I don't think so...but you never can tell. The writing that Lolly does is as a chronic list maker with seperate notebooks for work stuff and home stuff and then associated sections for organizing her thoughts and 'to dos'. :)

PS - thanks for giving me a goal close can I get???

Sissy - True Dat. And WAHOO on reaching 10K. You are on fire.