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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live From Panera (Word Count = 52,777)

So much fun we are having at Panera Bread...with all these lovely NanoWrimos gathered in one location we look quite spiffy with our laptops and banter and word wars. Word Wars are the Very Best Things!!! It is a quick way to let your competitive spirits guide your word count higher than you thought you could go. Most of ours today have been 10 minutes long or "10 minutes" long. Here is how I did...

Word War #1 - 506 Words
Word War #2 - 529 Words (I actually beat MPB on this one...and this one got me to 50K too!!)
Word War #3 - 468 Words
Word War #4 - 556 Words
Word War #5 - 511 Words
Word War #6 - 961 Words (this would be one of those "10 minute" rounds)

Well...let's see how many more words I can get. I'm feeling like I need a break...but you never know. I also need to fix my word count widgets and readjust my goals. What to pick, what to pick...75K or should I be bold and pick 80K??? We shall see....

1 comment:

MPB said...

I am quite happy to lose a Word War if it was for someone's green bar!! =)