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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interminglings of Life...

So it seems to me that writing on weeknights after work is a challenge this go around, as yesterday passed by with no words. I will do some today. I have a few ideas for what I want to write I am hoping to work on that tonight. As I was jotting down some thoughts that had popped into my head while I was getting my lunch in the cafeteria earlier, brussell sprouts helped perk up my writing brain.

I know...strange. But strange is good. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have no shame when it comes to fueling the old writing muse. I soak up things all the time that help me write. The brussell sprouts helped to figure out that I really needed to take some time to write about Lolly. How you ask? Because I needed to think about whether or not Lolly likes brussell sprouts.

That of course led to other brainstorming...and suddenly without planning it Lolly got herself a nickname. It was totally random but it totally fits. I described Lolly as spunky. And then that spurred a childhood memory in thinking about one of Grandpa's favorite musical artists Bob James. GP was a total music fanatic with really diverse tastes. One of my favorite albums that Grandpa used to play was Bob James' Hand's Down Album. And the first track on that album was called Spunky.

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

oh man, best album ever. actually, i really like BJ4 a lot too. but yeah. good times. on a semi-related note, i totally had soda fountain shuffle stuck in my head this am.