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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Word Count for Monday...

I did not add any words to my word count on Monday, but I have an excuse. My sister and I saw Henry Rollins at the Birchmere and it was so perfect. Henry is one of my very most favorite boys. I love his writing...and it always helps me to write from the male perspective.

He is also a muse of my mine. Come on, I write chick lit. You knew there had to be cute boys who help me along in my creating fun, witty, smart, sexy male characters. I have a few boy "types" that I tend to write about. The mighty Rollins is most definitely one of them. Come one has arms like him. He is 47 and they are still well formed!!! Oh yes...I love strong arms. And intense eyes. ;) *blush*

There were many clues in Henry's words last night that made me kind of excited about my story. I does listening to a punk icon relate to a nanowrimo chick lit adventure? It is simple. He was talking about certain elements that I am writing into my story. Like the importance of science and innovation and how everyone has things they are great at it. He talked about the person who does his travel...and how all he has to do his hold the phone to his head and his travel person just knows what to do and books it. That is sooooo Lolly!!! :)

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