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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get it Happening...Come On!!!

I was at Panera tonight for about an hour and a half...and all I got was an additional 1078 words. Hmph...not the amazing word craziness that I was hoping for. I wanted to get to 45K but I did not. Here is my lame list as to why:

1) I had a hang nail on my space bar thumb - seriously it was freaking annoying.

2) There were these teenage girls gabbing about stuff and it was soooo distracting. I know that all teens have issues...but all I could think about was Chass and Joel and I got even more pissed. Seriously, I wished the girls had my High School Chemistry Teacher Mr. Link, every Friday he would give a speech on living your life and volunteering and just generally working hard to not be an asshole. All I could think was...if you have nothing to do...VOLUNTEER and get some perspective. Everyone has tough stuff in their DEAL.

Sorry for the ranting but I was sooo annoyed.

The saving grace??? MolliB and the other Wrimos. Especially MolliB because we were chatting about all kinds of things and Vera Bradley too. It was great.

So in summary - -

* hang nails and whiney teens annoying.
* conversing with MolliB priceless.

Now...let's see how much I can write in the next few hours. I'm feeling something magical could happen. Hmmm...we shall see!!!!


sisu twenty-twenty said...

ugh, i know.
lol, that was um, priceless ;)

MPB said...

Awwwwww, thanks Joy!! Tonight was a really great fellow-Wrimo night! I wish you could have stayed longer. Glad you could make it =)

Woohooooo Joy and her words!!!

MPB said...

P.S. Love your background!

Smittenly Written said...

:) I'm so glad that you all had a great time...and I'm glad you rescued the lone wrimo so that they could join the group fun. I know it was really getting to be fun as I was leaving.

I'm such an introvert!!! :)

Hmm....but I could so see you as an ML...

MPB said...

Oooooh, well, maybe that's something I'll aim for!! :)

Congrats on your good night!!