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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goal Met!! Sunday 4K Challenge (Word Count = 38,116)

I did 4053K today so I met the Sunday 4K hopefully I did my part for Maryland today. I'm way ahead of where I thought I would be by the end of the weekend so that is good! Let's hope that this week I will be able to do some writing each night...I have to get to 45K to stay on pace to get to 60K by the end of the month. Part of me would really love to get to 50K by the end of this week. That would be so cool. We shall see.

I think I am done for tonight though...I need to rest my wrist a bit. It has had quite a workout this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing how much I can get done this week. Hmmm...50K by the 21st. That would be something.


MPB said...

Yay 4k! And you can totally do 50k by the 21st. That's like 2400/night. Doable! Hurray!!!

I hope work isn't too bad for you this week :)

sisu twenty-twenty said...

awesome job sis! i should think about doing that. i'm so competative, my drive to win would help get some wordage in!