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Sunday, November 16, 2008

That is much better... (Word Count = 34,063)

I am feeling so much better. I am now back to just one document and I figured out that what I had been working on since Thursday would be Chapter 6. And I am almost done with it. Perhaps I will finish that up tomorrow morning before getting back to Chapter 4. The work I did at the Write-In today was on Chapter 4 and that should be easy to pick up after I finish Chapter 6. I already know the scenes that I want to accomplish so I can just create along those lines.

I am getting very sleepy so I am going to turn in soon. I did quite a lot from about 11:30pm to just a few moments ago. I'm glad that I was able to get another 1K in. I was hoping to get to 35K by bedtime...but 34K is just fine with me. Every little bit helps right? And I am above my pace amount so it is all good. :) I kind of like that my organizational craziness is melding with my writing now. I am actually now preferring a pre-meditated kind of writing as opposed to the haphazard ways of NanoWrimos past. Woah!! My NanoWrimo 08 Project Plan is back on track...

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