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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hand Written Notes (Word Count = 20,319)

I am actually going to turn in soon so that I can get up really early tomorrow morning and get into work. Long day with lots going on and I want to be sure to be well rested. For the first time this November, I took out my NanoWrimo notebook and wrote out four pages this afternoon that I then typed up. It ended up being about 1,177 words which is pretty cool. Now I know that if I fill up four pages, that is about 1K words. Very helpful to know. I also added a few things in as I typed them up. That is the fun part about using hand written notes. I had a very productive weekend...on all fronts. And...I have a holiday on that means a bit more words too hopefully. I think I am flowing along the word path nicely.

1 comment:

MPB said...

Ah, the joy of sentence creep. It's the best.

Congrats on reaching 20k! And for being 5k ahead of the curve :)

Hope tomorrow's not too bad for you so that you can get some writing done tomorrow night!