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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slow and Steady.... (Word Count = 15,109)

A few hours late, but I did manage to get to my weekly quota on pacing to have over 60K words by the end of the month. I think the reason I think I am doing so poorly this year is because I am writing very deliberately. This is new for me. I'm not just writing amuck this time. I'm thinking through scenes and my chapters. I have finished Chapter Two...there were a few parts that I wanted to beef up or add a tad of flashback to add a bit more backstory. Look at me...putting some thought behind what I am writing. It feels good. I am happy.

It is a bit slower going...but my word count at this point isn't suffering. The only tough parts are when I am too tired to write at night after work. Hopefully next week I will do better. But in the meantime, I have the weekend to really rack up some numbers. Here is hoping that I can get to 20K before the end of the weekend. Hope Hope!!!


MPB said...

You can totally get to 20k by the end of the weekend! That's just 2500/day. You're all over that :)

Have a great writing weekend! If you are interested, there is another write-in at the same place as the one I blogged about on Thursday, at 1:00 today. I am going if I have gotten some good numbers down this morning. Let me know if you want to go :)

Smittenly Written said...

I can't today...this afternoon we are finally joining the rest of civilization and we are having Direct TV installed!!!

200 channels...oh my!!! I am hoping that maybe I will be able to get to the one on Thursday night! *finger crossed that I can get out of work on time*

Here is to a great weekend of writing!!!

MPB said...

Oooooh DirecTv! Hurray!!

It would be great if you could make it on Thursday!

P.S. Seen the VB ornaments???? Rumor has it Tiara has them. May have to stop on Monday after work since I certainly can't waste writing time to go down there over the weekend :)

Smittenly Written said...

OMG...I did...looks like the Cottage Monet store does too. It comes in Raspberry must be so excited!!! :) I may have to go to work I might have to make a stop...since I'll be out and about.

PS - I hope my nanoing is not going to suffer because I will have things to watch on TV. ;)

PSS - Oh goodie...I'll be more apt to go on Thursday if I know someone who will be there.

PSSS - Okay...must get back to writing. I have been helping my sis prep the house. Woah..dust bunnies behind TVs are gross. ;)

MPB said...

How's your DirecTv????

Sucks about having to work tomorrow =( I hope you don't have to.

I will email you on or before Thursday to check in and see if you want to go :)