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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get your "How" on...

Okay...first much?? How sad that I haven't updated in so long...two weeks. That is just plain irresponsible...erhm...laziness.

Finally...after way too many years...I made it back to a camp weekend with Special Love. Getting my "How" on was just what I needed to take the edge off of what has been quite a stressful time workwise. There is something magical about the connection between people who share a common experience and passion...cancer let's kick it's ass by having fun!! It was just what I needed to fuel me at just keep plugging along. To feel lucky that I can work in a place that combats the one thing I truly hate. I am honored to fight the fight...even though I am not a scientist or doctor or nurse or some other amazing professional that cares for patients.

In tribute to my love of lists (i.e. current laziness in writing), here are a few goals that I had for the weekend - -

1) Learning to Straw Fart. All you need is a bendy straw. Can't wait to impress those friends truly worthy with my new party trick. Genius...absolutely genius.

2) Making Good Coffee for Volunteer Staff. In the process of meeting this goal I learned how to percolate coffee with a crazy 60 cup urn...and not cause any injury or harm to others while doing so. For the girl with no kitchen skills it was a challenge. Extra perk(ha ha...get it...perk??) was getting some half&half and randomly picking some other flavorings which really were a hit. I was so happy!!

3) Catching up with Campers. By far the best part of a camp weekend vs. camp is being able to interact not only with campers but with their families too. So much fun. So much love. So much strength. Amazing.

4) Staff Fun. Did not disappoint...sometimes it is fun to revert back to being twelve. Constant laughter cures all that ails you. I even learned about some new strategies I can use at work when feeling intimidated.

5) Singing in the Parade. With the drum beat given the rhythm...there is nothing better than singing loud and strong. And the rain was held at bay...

6) Campfire. I so missed it this year and really needed to stare into the flames for some perspective. It may have been October...but it is never to late.

7) Singing One Voice. Can never get through it without crying...but it is okay. Someone is always right there to support you. You are not alone.

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

i'm am SO glad you went. HUGS