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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missed Opportunities...

I'm stuck in my sister's office helping her to clean up because her last day here is on Tuesday. I am so excited for her new career adventure...and it is not just because she will be working on the same floor as I am. I am so busy these days...that I am sure I will not even see her most of the time except for when we get coffee together in the AMs. Now...back to the cleaning. You never know what you are going to find or the things that your sister has been keeping for you. Such was the case a few moments ago.

My sister kept this card that was sent to me from a "secret admirer" back in 2004. At the time I thought it was creepy...but sort of suspected that it may have been a joke from some of my work friends. I guess I will never know...but the note had me in stitches. So much so that I could feel a blog coming on. Are you ready? Do you want to know what the note said???

March 22, 2004

Dear Joy,

Hi, this is from an admirer. We haven't met, nor do we know each other. However, I think you're an attractive, progressive women, that I would like to get to know. Me? I'm a handsome, intelligent, humorous, educated guy (about to graduate with a Master's in Information Systems) that's worth knowing.

E-mail me, and let's talk. I'll fill in all details (I promise I won't bite).

{First Name and Email Address Withheld}

I totally forgot about this...but for some reason my sister kept it. She claims it was because if something bad ever happened to me it could be used as evidence. How funny is that? I'm thinking this needs to find a way into my NanoWrimo 2009 Novel.

What do you think...maybe this was my guy and I missed a huge opportunity?

Hmm...somehow I think not.

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Kelly said...

Joy, I'm so intrigued by this note! I am also jealous that you have a sister you are so close with who gets to work on the same floors as you - so cool! Anyway, so you never emailed this guy? You may be passing him in the halls every day and he is just waiting for you to email him? This would torture me!