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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Week!!

There were so many times I started to work on a post this week and I just never found the time. It was busy and memorable and filled with all kinds of emotions. I didn't even have a moment to scribble out a Thursday 13. So I thought I would list out a few of the things I had every intention of writing about...

* I finished reading Agnes and the Hitman...and this is now one of my most favorite books. It had everything I love - a bit of romance, espionage, mystery, action, quirky female main character, manly male main character with a dangerous/mysterous job, and humor. I am in love with this book. I intentionally read it slow because I did not want it to end.

* I packed up my office and moved down the temporary work assignment will start on Tuesday. I am honored to be sitting in an office that I used to sit outside of. I can't believe it. Even if it ends up being for a short while...what an honor. I'm not ashamed to admit that I started at the bottom of the ladder...the very first 1994. I was an assistant. Now...I have my own assistant. Anything is possible with really hard work...

* I have been a very bad diavista for the past few weeks...but this week will be better. I was stressed and put my health on the back burner. I won't do that this week.

* I am starting to get excited for NanoWrimo 2009...and hoping that I can figure out how to work on a novel even though work may very well be challenging. But hey...I have done it for the past four years...I need to make it for five in a row. I think that it is possible. I have one idea in my brainspace for this year...and I'm not planning. I think I will just start with a blank page on November first and see what happens over those 30 wonderful days.

* I was responsible. Instead of buying Vera Bradley...I bought a printer for my home office/novel writing zone. So exciting!!!

* Less than month till Octoberfest at Camp...I can't wait!!!


Elizabeth said...

CONGRATS on your promotion, Joy!! You work so hard, it's wonderful to see it paying off!

(and no one should ever be ashamed to start at the bottom of the ladder- to me it's far more shameful to bust in at the top without earning it)

The assistant thing sooooo reminds me of Working Girl. :)

Joy Wizziwa said...

Thanks Elizabeth...I know...Tess has always been one of my heros. Who makes it happen??