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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday 13 - Surprising Factoids

While at a wedding this weekend, some of my friends who know me mostly from work were shocked to see me out on the dance floor. They couldn't believe a "suit" like me could groove. I have a thing about dancing actually, you should do it as often as you can. Even if you look still should...because you can. It is my little tribute to my camper friends who have gone on to better places. My little way of giving cancer the finger. Take that you horrid foe...I'm dancing!!

So, given my friends surprised reaction, I thought I would chronicle a few factoids about myself that some people might find surprising...hope that you enjoy them.

1) I love to shake my groove thing...especially at shows. Best groovin' ever was when I saw The Wailers a few years ago.

2) I have an ear for music...even when I was little I could pick up a song or instrumental and hum along. Evidently I was pretty good at anticipating the next set of notes too...

3) I love cars about the same amount that I love is just that purses are less expensive so I can have more of them. I'm not afraid to admit that I am a true blue Chevy Girl too. I am also really good at detailing them and actually find it fun.

4) I love favorite stuffed animal when I was little was a cute giraffe that I called "woo woo". I had a few of them actually...and have been collecting giraffe related things ever since then.

5) I have two big may or may not be a congressman and the other is Henry Rollins. I saw Henry years ago on Dennis Miller...he read one of his poems...and I fell in love. He is one of the coolest people around...and has a work ethic that I can totally get behind.

6) My favorite XM station is BPM (Beats Per Minute)...I live in a rave on my way to and from work.

7) I am a chronic radio station changer...I am always afraid I am missing I always switch around. My poor sister...I'm totally manic about it. The fact that you can do this now from your steering wheel is just about the greatest thing ever.

8) I HATE thermos', plastic cups, and water bottles (meant for reuse). Not sure why...maybe it is laziness because I hate to clean them. Something about them just grosses me out. I was so happy when juice boxes were invented when I was little.

9) I can't eat soy. Joy can have no soy. No soy for joy. can't eat soy.

10) I can fill a blank sheet of paper with a story...on command.

11) I am an excellent nap taker...and I really wish I could do that more.

12) I am an expert water hose winder...I can work out any kinks.

13) I love, love, love to color. I have crayons and coloring books...don't judge.

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i beati said...

whata funista you are !!1 sandy

Happily Retired Gal said...

Kewl list ;--)
I enjoyed learning a bit about you. Guess what ... I love giraffes too!!!
Hugs and blessings,

I am Harriet said...

Great factoids!
Have a great day!

Pamela M. Kramer said...

Color on! We have lots of colors and coloring books too. Oh and there is an organization called color a smile and they have all these great color sheets and you print them, mail them and they pass them out to the elderly. I've mailed many. :)

Kelly said...

FUn learning so many factoids about Joy! :)

Oh, and Henry Rollins in five kinds of fine. Mmmm!