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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Vera Girls...Take Tyson's!!

So the Vera Girls met up for a lovely late morning/early afternoon shopping trip to Tyson's Corner...we all knew that we needed to experience our first ever trip to a Vera Bradley Signature Store together. In fact, we did not go in until our entire party arrived...which worked out well because I was frantically sending emails to the boss who was giving a talk today. (Insert Thank You to my sister for manning my blackberry while I was driving...) I love my Vera Friends...and I was so glad that we could find time to get together. We are such enablers and we really had a blast. And is not like we get together and go crazy all the time. :)

I have been in pursuit of the perfect purse to go with my awesome work tote. If you want to know how awesome it here. I found my perfect bag today...from the Vera Frill Collection. The "So Over It" tote in Symphony in looks positively smashing with my work tote. And I do realize that I am using a tote as a purse...but with all the diavista supplies I have to carry around - glucose monitor, calculator, insulin pens, alcohol swabs, life savers, and other life sustaining things...I need a big purse. And I need a cute wallet to match too. Have I mentioned how hard I have been working?? Sometimes even on weekends???

What I love the best is not so much the Vera Addiction...but it is where the muses of shopping take us afterwards. You didn't think we just shopped for Vera did you?? Silly Silly...we just go where the shopping gods guide us. Here is a chronicle of our journey...

Note - I have only noted my purchases...I don't shop and tell on my friends. ;)

Vera Bradley Store - We entered with glee surrounded by lots and lots of Vera. Oh the pretty colors and shapes. I purchased the above mentioned items plus some cute gift tags, an eyeglass case (symphony in hue), six placemats and six napkins (symphony in hue).

Hallmark - I really wanted a binder so when we passed a Hallmark store that sold Vera Bradley too...I had to go in to see if they had any binders. They did so I got one (blue rhapsody). The Vera Store did not have any this was okay. Not insane at all. Please don't judge. I needed a new binder to file all of my 2009 medical stuff. Remember...I am being a much more responsible Type 1 Diabetic (aka Diavista) so again this was a very necessary purchase.

Cakelove - We looked but did not touch. Besides...we were not willing to go that far to the darkside. We were shopping and needed to stay light on our feet.

Lego - A whole store dedicated to Legos. Who knew? I got so many ideas for Camp Fantastic's Hot Spot in 2010. We will need a lego table...with girls and boys projects. OMG...I hope I get asked back!!! My wheels were turning big time!!!

Fornash - This store was a swirly girl's dream...purses, jewlery, headbands, scarves, ribbons and all kinds of fun things. I was able to find two really cute scarves...a black/white/grey plaid and a red/black/yellow plaid. I resisted all other temptation...but may have to go back again. See...they had these purses that you could design yourself with all kinds of different fabric swatches and ribbons to chose from.

Disney Store - I am not a big disney fan...but my sister when I saw this cute little Tink fleecy blanket...well...I had to get it for her. And then there was this Tink Mug...and then...I exited after making my two purchases. Mostly because there was a moment when I considered buying a tiara for myself...and that would have been...well...crazy.

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

not as crazy as me and how much i wanted that nemo doll! seriously, you know it's going to end up in my room before the month is out! and then i'll never need another stuffed animal again! promise!