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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NanoWrimo Preparation...

Hours away now from embarking upon a new noveling journey and I am so freaking excited!! I have not done any planning so I really don't know what is going to happen at the stroke of midnight tonight. That is what I love the most. I'll be at my writing desk with my writing totems around me and all will be right with the world. My happy place...with a pink cocktail perhaps. ;)

Thought I would share a list of some of things I have been doing this afternoon to prepare:

* Charging my old ipod nano

* Charging my newer ipod nano

* Downloading some new writing tunes - Kid Cudi, Death by Sunrise, Pete Yorn, Owl City, and some dance/electronic remixes to keep the rave going. I'm so ecletic.

* Doing some research on PTAs

* Thinking of character names - Ruby, Twyla, Cricket. Still no names for the boy hero character I am dreaming up. There will be two...of course...but only one will win. Did I mention that one of them was inspired by Chester of Lincoln Park (and lead singer of Death by Sunrise)?

* Dusting the Knight of Armor that is on my writing desk. Well Duh...every goofy, hopeless romantic writer needs one of those.

* Writing down some thoughts in my cute Owl is my NanoWrimo 09 think zone.

* Wondering if this will be the year that I write one of my favorite lines that I have been carrying around in my head for years - "I fell in love with the wrong boy from Ohio..."

It is funny how I think of October 31 as the day before NanoWrimo and not Halloween. Can't wait to get started...seriously...I am so amped!!!

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