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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Merrily We Roll Along..... Word Count = 40,172

Considering that I only wrote on Sunday, I did very well this weekend. I am trying not to think about how many words I would have now if I had written on Saturday too. I am hoping to get a lot of words in over the next week...the holiday will really help. I am tired and will probably head to sleep soon. I have a long day tomorrow and am hoping that I will still have some energy tomorrow night to write. November always flies by and I know that I will miss it when it is over. I have lots to do, so much so that I am feeling anxious, but I am trying to just push those thoughts aside.

Random Thought Insert - I am totally loving my net book by the way. It is so handy to just throw into my bag or walk around the house connected and able to write any time I feel the urge.

Another Less Random Thought Insert - I must admit that my obsession with the New Moon soundtrack has resulted in some unexpected turns in my novel. I love the wallowly hallow sounds of several of the songs. My current favorites are Rosyln, Possibility, and Hearing Damage. Have a feeling they will all be in my head tomorrow even though I am at work. After getting the soundtrack, I am so wanting to see the movie again. Isn't that silly?

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