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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hit the Wall...

I hit the wall yesterday...438 lousy words. GAH!!! But today will feel better and therefore I will write more. You have to be in "that place" to churn out the words...and I just wasn't there. I think part of it was that I ended my writing on Friday with the scene that first appeared in my head for this novel. I think I was kind of sad that it was over. I know, that is crazy isn't it?

I have been purchasing some music off of iTunes and I know that will help. Music is the juice for me. Curious as to what will stir me today as I get lost in noveldom? Here is a short list -

* UB40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen

* Passion Pit - The Reeling

* Beck - Cellphone's Dead

* Train - Hey, Soul Sister

I have been kind of worried about all of the stuff I have to do for work, but I have decided to put it aside. I can do it at the office tomorrow and Tuesday. All weekend I have been having these work related nightmares during sleep and naps, which has jarred me a bit. Maybe I should build that feeling of dread into my novel or something. I think the thought of work is crushing my writing life...and I need to just push it away. I need to be writing. I have to be writing.

Out work thoughts...out I say!!

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