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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Novel Happy... Word Count = 44,045

Thanks to my Panera NanoWrimo Pals...I got 2K words. I was so excited to learn that on Twitter they have NanoWrimo Sprints and that really 20 and 25 minutes I got about 670 words each time. That really helped...and I will definitely have to do that more over the next few days. I was feeling a bit scattered in my writing was the first time where I felt unfocused. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some go again and pick up the pace a bit. I need to think about how to start wrapping this story up. I need my Big Black Moment (which I think I just discovered tonight) and then need to figure out all the stuff that gets resolved. I have the ending scene in my mind...but need to figure out in this last stretch how the heck to get there.

Okay...enough about that. I need to reveal something. I have a new celebrity crush I think. Dane Cook. I love him!! He is so freaking funny...I was listening to him on the way home. It was totally what I needed.

Has anyone heard his bit called "Haters"? Freaking awesome...hate cancer??? It will make you laugh...sometimes you should take the low road. Genius!! so good.

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

yea! i was like, who's the hottie?