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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Years in Row!!! (Word Count = 55,816)

And there you have it...I have done it again. I have won my fifth National Novel Writing Month!!! My first draft is done and I am going to print it out tonight because it has been two years since I have printed one of my novels out. I can't wait to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. The only strange thing is that I don't have a title for this novel yet. This is the first time ever...since when I started writing that I did not have a title to keep me focused. I'm not putting any meaning into it. I am just excited that I am done.

As always, I know that I don't really do it alone either. I appreciate how my family cheers me along...especially my sister. She is going to be my first reader!!! Hence my need to print it out ASAP!! To my coworkers who nicely check in on my word count and encouraged me to leave on time or a few minutes early so that I can write. To my fellow NanoWrimos who made Panera my favorite place to write this year and make it so much fun. To my writing friends who encourage me and motivate me to keep at it. To all my friends (especially those who really know that if I could...I would totally be a novelist when I grow up) for not laughing when I say that I am writer. ;)


Maki said...

Aw seriously, this song is one of my favorite, too!!!! I was still single when this song came out - it's on my ipod and I listen to it every day in December:)

You and I definitely share the same taste in music, eh? LOL.


Joy Wizziwa said...

We totally do!!! :)