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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bands Who Helped Me Today... [Word Count = 6,054]

I am live from Panera Bread where the NanoWrimos of the 270 Corridor gather to write...hitting hour number four and I am feeling quite accomplished. My goal was 10K today and I am sure I will not hit it, but it was fun to have something to shoot for. I am in love with my new is so lite and cute!! Perfect timing as I embark upon this new adventure. I was reminded how much I love the music on my old ipod nano that has seen me through 3 or 4 NanoWrimos...I can't really remember. Thought I would take a few minutes to jot down the bands/artists that really got me going today - -

* Coldplay (of course!!!)

* Interpol (forgot how much I love them...especially when writing about cute boys)

* Paco

* Heavy D and the Boyz


* Kelly Osbourne (One Word Remix is an anthem for me....)

* The Bravery

There were countless others...but these sparked the most memorable moments of writing today. You never know...I may get in another 1K or so tonight when I get home. But mostly...I need to rest up. Early day tomorrow and Board Meetings!!

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