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Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Chapter to Go... Word Count = 53,136

I sat down to write a bit tonight and ended up finishing Chapter 19...2K words came out of me and now I am ready for some sleep. I am really looking forward to getting this first draft done so that I can see what happens after. Every year I always say that I want to go back and edit and then have people read it. I'm not thinking that I this year will be any different than previous years...but it feels good regardless really.

Another November is coming to a close and I will have earned my purple winner bar for the fifth year in a row. I'm sending happy writing forces to my NanoWrimo Buddies who are pulling an all nighter tonight. I am so proud of them!!! It has been a great year for my writing friends...and it inspires me.

PS - Once Nano is over...I will get back on Diavista track too. I have been on hiatus...but that will change. December is all about balance for me...I am declaring it shall be!!

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