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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday 13 - NOT!!!! Word Count = 11,191

I had a another busy day at work and did not have time last night to write up my Thursday 13. I collapsed into bed at 8:45pm....and slept right through the night. Well except for the few minutes that I got up around 10:30pm to take some insulin. You my sister says...I don't want to perish overnight or anything. ;)

I was hoping to get in some words to take me to 10K...but sleep won. I have been at Panera for about two hours and have hit 11K. I told myself that I could not leave until I got that far I guess I am free now to leave. But I don't want to. Being here is like the perfect vacation for me. I have my cute new netbook, my ipod, and yummy foods around should I want to partake. Oh yes...and fellow nanowrimos. Althought, it is just MolliB and I now.

With my love of lists overflowing...I thought I would note some of the things I am really looking forward to this weekend -

* A day off tomorrow

* Time to write with Ellen and Lisa

* Time to write at Panera

* The boss being 13 hours away

* Hearing all about the fun my Mom and Sister are going to have the Metropolitan Cooking Show this weekend.

* Taking my Grandma out for drinks and a late lunch on Saturday

* Writing and Writing and Writing

* Seeing how many words I have by Sunday PM

* Catching up on some work writing...maybe....

* Downloading NanoWrimo inspiring music from iTunes

* Drinking a cocktail or two and seeing what kinds of wild and crazy things that causes me to do to my main character - Ruby St. Claire.

* Taking a walk in the crisp November air

* Writing about how Ruby meets Jason Nixx...this was the scene that first appeared in my mind

Well what do you know...I ended up with a Thursday 13 afterall!!! :)

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