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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halfway Already... Word Count = 25,052

I am in noveldom heaven...I am at 25K words and it is not the halfway point in the month. I had a word dare to get 1500 before I head to sleep and I got there in my standard time. When I just write along...I do about 1K words an hour. Tonight...within an hour and a half I was there. I am about halfway through Chapter 9.

Hopefully on my way into work tomorrow I can think about some really big complications that will be coming soon. I have one in my brain right now and a few others I am still honing a bit. I also think I know how it will end. So that is very exciting. Each novel I attempt to write is so different. Each has its own personality and rhythm. At the end of the month I would like to actually be done with this draft.

I am hopeful that no matter how hard tomorrow is or long...I will be able to pop by Panera for a bit. Other NanoWrimos should be there and it will do me some good to clock some time on a weeknight. Even if I have an early day the next morning...I have to take time to write. In november and always...

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Elizabeth said...

it's so exciting to see you working through the process... keep up the great work, Joy!