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Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Name...Winston!!!

In perfect writing style (after over 50K words) I realized that the name of my main boy character just didn't quite work. In chatting with my sister about it...she suggested changing it to Winston. Which...sounded really good. Winston Nixx. Who may or may not be a punk rocker. ;) I know right??? I keep saying that I was inspired for this book while my sister and I were at the Ulalume Festival which MTV I can go back and watch the moment when my novel was born. It may or may not have been during a performance of Dead By Sunrise.

The crowning moment of when my girl hero character (Ruby) meets her guy (Winston) was sort of based loosely on one of those pivotal life moments that happened to me at that show. And the rest as they say, is creative writing history. At the time, getting a phone call from work during a rock show was maddening. But in reality, it helped to create and fuel my NanoWrimo 09 novel. So I am thankful I guess, it is a process, and everything does happen for a reason.

My two loves combined this month....writing and music. As I get ready to write the last chapter, I will be looping one song: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happinesss. Funny thing is I am pretty sure that was the song he was performing when I got the call from work. I didn't figure it out until yesterday...and I many is kind of what my novel is about.

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