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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tree in Bloom...

One of my most very favorite things is my "wedding" tree, mind you, I have yet to have one of those. Which is fine by me...all in due time is my motto. And if not, no big deal either. ;) Since I was a little girl, this tree has been my everything. It is how I watch the seasons change from year to year. It is where I look for answers to lifes quandaries. It is usually my main object of focus after a good workout too...especially after a walk/run outside. Whether it is covered with snow in winter, bright orange in the fall, fully bloomed in spring, or green with summer fun, it stands tall and grounds me.

Looking at it is a way to have some quiet and time to think. I have grown older reflecting upon the past sitting beneath it and looking up through the leaves. I think it is the only thing about that connects to being a little girl with big dreams. I remember worrying about finding a career, going to college, and whether or not a long list of boys spanning many years were the "one". As I get older, I laugh thinking back on the things that used to worry me. The good thing is that in these quiet moments in my backyard, as I gaze upon my tree, I realize that everything and nothing at all has changed. I'm still the same person...looking to my offer wisdom and guidance. The only difference now is that I know and trust that everything will turn out as it should be.

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