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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A List to Start the Week By...

It is hard to make the weekend seem like a time for rest when you are doing a lot of work too. It was a productive weekend and do feel like I had some time to just relax and bum around a bit. Shopping. Movie Watching. Sleeping In. Somehow I also had the time to work about a half day on Saturday and then again today. I got all my laundry done. I vacuumed. I organized my home desk a bit. All in all...I'm feeling pretty good for the week ahead. The only thing I didn't do was fill up my car. Hmm...I guess I will have to do that first thing tomorrow. ;)

As I embark upon what I assume will be a crazy week, I'm starting it off with a list of things to ecstatic about. There are quite a few...

* Getting an email that says that all the work you do helps cancer patients everywhere.
* Stressing over a decision and then in a moment of clarity knowing exactly what you need to do.
* Thinking about watching boats on the water and counting down the days until you can
* Coming home from work after a really hard day to find your family ready to go to Ledo's so that you can have the salad that you have been lusting after all day. Articoke Chicken Salad Baby...and I didn't cheat and eat any pizza!!
* Not breaking the promise you made yourself about needing to lose ten more pounds before allowing yourself to buy another Vera Bradley Purse.
* Thinking of new ways to keep yourself organized - at home and at work.
* Smelling frest cut green grass...especially when someone else cuts it.
* Meeting friends for only a minute...but feeling like you still had time to connect.
* Watching SATC - The Movie for the fifth time.
* Realizing that despite how busy you are, you still do make time for the things that are really important.

Not too shabby a list I should think...