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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Owl Above...

I am sitting at the desk from which he ran his business...many of his knick knacks still surround. I know he is always around in the trees and on the breeze. I know that he is happy. I can't believe that at 11:55pm tonight it will be two years since my Grandpa was finally free with no strings. I know in the physical sense he is gone...but I know he is guiding me. Patience. Persistance. Perseverance. All the words you could ever need in life...

I went to work today like it was any other day...but my mind and heart were elsewhere. Our tribute last year must have been perfect, because we didn't feel like we needed to do something this year. Well, other than leave a light on for him. A tradition that we always did (and still do) for his father. I miss his hugs more than anything...and wish I had lingered just a bit longer on that last day. I will always remember his last words to me, "Drive Safe." And then in a few hours...he was gone.

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