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Monday, December 21, 2009

Vera Switch Out Time...

It is officially the holiday season because I have switched to my holiday vera bradley. Cute Right? This is one of my most very favorite much so...that I only use it during the holidays. It makes me so happy!! I am a handbag girl...which means...I'm all about holding the purse versus throwing it over my shoulder. That is just the kind of girl I am.

A few updates to expound upon my first few days of list form of course!!

1. Had a fabulous time at holiday party on Friday night...we let the snow come in...lots of fun...lots of pictures...and well wishes for the coming year. I got a new profile picture out of that was a extra parting gift. ;)

2. Had the BEST Margarita ever on Friday once I got home (thanks sister)...tipsy...oh yes...and it was fantastic!! I remembered to take I wasn't that bad off. ;) Come on, this is still me we are talking about.

3. Kept on top of the snow situation...only had to shovel out three times. Snaps to my sister for getting us out from the driveway to center of cul de sac. That chica is amazing...

4. Edited more of my NanoWrimo 09 novel...on page I am making progress.

5. Got a snazzy new haircut which is really a "classic" Joy style...and I have a really cute short ponytail. Perfect gym hair!!! ;)

6. Ahem...yes...with said perfect gym hair I had a great workout today...time on the bike...and an hour on the elliptical machine. Ipod blaring. I was in freaking heaven. I'm thinking that my "gym time" will be after work...great stress reliever before getting home. I have the next two weeks to get my ass in gear so that when I get back to work...I'll be so addicted that I will leave work at a reasonable hour to allow time at the gym. I know I can do this.

7. Joined a gym...this was my Christmas Present to myself. It will last the whole year long. I am so excited. Plus..there is a cafe...with I could write after my workout. I know right?? Talk about combining the two things I really need to focus more writing and my diavista life.

In case you are have just read about OGYST...which translated means...Operation Getting Your Shit Together. A few months later than I wanted...but happening none the less. 2010 is going to be a good year. You heard it hear folks!!

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