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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A new bag for my netbook...

In honor of my finishing my NanoWrimo 09 Novel and my giddy love of snow, I made a trip to Artisan's with visions of Vera swirling in my head. I didn't know what it was that I was going to buy, but I knew that Raspberry Fizz is retiring and I actually don't have anything in that pattern. It has pinks and oranges and it was 25% off. I roamed around the Vera Section looking over the bags thinking that I really wanted to get something. The cute pleated headband in Carnaby wasn't enough.

Then it hit me, I have my new cute netbook and no bag for it. I decided on a Pleated Tote in Raspberry Fizz with a matching Amy (for pencils, sticky notes, USBs, and things). The tote is really cute and I am not sure how I have not noticed it before. Although I admit, it takes me a while to commit to new patterns and bag the regular patterns. I have mostly been addicted to her limited edition bags and the Stationary/Pens/Cards. I really think I should get some credit for all the things I have not purchased - like the ornaments, stockings, candles, wrapping paper, and gift bags.

My netbook really did need a bag and I can fit a spiral notebook in there too. It was totally a practical purchase. I was out and about in the snow...and thought some Vera would make the day THAT much better. Giddy Overload for sure...

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