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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The best made plans...

Are really made for the breaking...and you know what? Everything always turns out as it should. Such was the case today...busy packing...hustle and bustle...and then we made a game day decision. To stay home!!! Mail holds and Newspaper holds suspended. Initially we were going to be away all of Christmas and then for New Years. Then just for Christmas. Now...not at all. As much as I wanted to clock some time by the water in Annapolis...I know staying home was the right decision. For Grandma...most of all...and really...that is all that matters.

So, here is a list of all the things that I can look forward that I will be home over the holidays:


2) Getting all of the books I found on Amazon for my novel research as soon as they arrive in the mail

3) Having Christmas Eve dinner at the Cabin in the Woods (Grandma’s favorite restaurant)

4) Using all of my cute Vera Bradley Gift Tags…see #1 above.

5) Working out at the gym everyday during my vacation…well except today…see #1 above.

6) Sleeping in my own comfy bed

7) Going to see Sherlock Holmes with my Mommy

8) Reading my NanoWrimo 09 Novel and then sitting at local Starbucks with my sister so we can compare notes (or maybe Panera???)

9) Drinking yummy beverages crafted my sister…aka Mixologist Leo…okay mostly Margaritas…

10) Continuing to ignore my blackberry…for the most part…

What am I not looking forward to?? Unpacking all of my bags…

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