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Friday, December 25, 2009

Unexpected Treasure...

On a whim earlier this week I remembered that I had some Marriott Reward points and for grins I looked at the online case there was anything that was of interest. I found something that I wasn't necessarily looking for, an iPod Touch. As luck would have it, it arrived yesterday on Christmas Eve. A fun gift for myself that didn't really cost a thing (well except for the hotel stays...but I digress). It has turned out to be even more of a fun new toy than I could have imagined... and not just because I need a cute cover for it. Do you like the Kate Spade? Cute Right?

Here is a listing of some of the exciting things I did or discovered today with my new iPod Touch - -

1) Having all of my music on one ipod is fantastic...all of my music worlds have collided in one place...and it is glorious.

2) Setting up playlists for particular characters I am writing may be needed now as my "writing" playlist is insanely long and extremely eclectic.

3) Downloading the new version of iTunes (finally)...I have discovered iTunes University. Found lots of interesting courses on fiction writing and creative writing.

4) Realizing that there are apps for everything...even found one to track blood sugars, insulin, and this made my inner diavista very happy. Obviously I was totally meant to have this iPod.

5) Getting twitter, facebook, and blogger all set up...can't believe that I will be able to be "mobile" at the gym too. Can't wait to test it out tomorrow. Note, I will NOT access email on said device. Only writing related activities...or facebook...but status updates are creative writing...right??

6) Thinking about how cool it is going to be to have all my music in hand when working out. I feel kinda limitless...

7) Feeling like this one device is going to really help with all the things I want to get to back to...getting to the gym, writing, paying attention to my diabetes and hence on being a diavista. ;P Well...maybe I always am one...I am just seeking to be better balanced one.

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